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Hobby is a quest out of your everyday life. The product gives joy and pleasure. As it is a pleasure, we do not get tired of it. Your hobby is a hobby that makes life more relaxing. Life without hobbies is like food without salt. The hobby can add color to our boring lives. In addition, the hobby is also more attractive to the man because it gives motivation. The hobby may not only be of interest but it is also a way for the user to make money. Recreation that could be monetized and transformed into business includes painting, carpentry, baking, web design, dog training, literally anything that adds value to others. Turning the hobby you really enjoy into a lucrative revenue generator can be one of the most exciting, generative, and truly satisfying experiences. The good news is that you can turn your hobby into a profitable business if you are willing to make the transition from an employee to the owner of a company and the CEO to your own life. For most people, hobbies are a way to relax, a simple form of pleasure that creates fun away from the general stress of work and life. Therefore, you should consider the impact monetization of your hobby can have. If you like to bake, for example, it's one thing to make some cakes for friends on a Sunday afternoon. But when you're frantically trying to deliver multiple large orders to meet a range of deadlines, you can soon lose sight of that basic pleasure. Of course, this may not be the case if many entrepreneurs continue to have the same pleasure in their work. done before. But it is certainly something that you should seriously consider before going any further. More here...

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This online services gives you what you want without having to make a complicated and difficult career out of it: we give you a platform to get PAID for drawing. It is as simple as drawing what you want, scanning it into our system, and reaping the benefits of people who will pay for your art! And who told you that you can't make any money from art? All you need to know is how to draw and how to use email If you have those two basic skills you can make as much money as you want; it all depends on how much you draw! And you don't even have to be the best artist out there; all it takes is a bit of a skill and that want to make money from your art, and you are on your way to making that side money!

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Introduction To Low Resolution Graphics

An exciting handbook containing twelve simulation programs, which are actually game programs. They include Art Auction, Monster Chase, Lost Treasure, Gone Fishing, Space Flight, Starship Alpha, Forest Fire, Nautical Navigation, Business Management, Rare Birds, Diamond Thief, and The Devil's Dungeon. Clearly written in a BASIC format that is compatible with all microcomputers, they are all original and well-documented. Each program is presented with a listing, sample run, instruction, and program documentation, including flow chart and ideas for variations.

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Continue in the menu means to prepare for drawing the perspective. The program will ask you How tall is your observer You may answer any positive or negative number, but if you choose a large one, your object could be drawn outside the screen because the horizon initially is placed in the middle. To move your drawing back to the display choose the menu's horizon-move option.

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You will find yourself back in the drawing mode. You can make some last minute changes or simply press ENTER and mark the corners again. You must mark the corners again because the computer lost these values when you added lines to the program. When finished you will again be given a choice. This time press P to pack the variables. You will see the ASCII codes as they are poked into the string variables. After the packing is complete, you will be back in the drawing mode. If you wish, you may now change your drawing and create another frame. Remember that the previous frame is always held in high memory until the next frame is stored. It can always be recalled by simply running the program and answering yes to the restore question. When you are finished creating all the graphics you will need for your program, break out of it. You can now DELETE all of the program except for your newly packed string variables. Now build your new program around them or merge them with an existing...

Shade Number

Read the picture using the analog-80 system and program setup AUT. Print the picture using PRINTIT and examine your artwork. If you need to enhance it, use ENHANCE LIN, or devise your own enhancement and reprint the enhanced picture using PRINTIT. Sometimes, I enhance a picture several times to get just the right shading or highlighting.

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Well, one answer Is a computer assisted drafting program called xT.CAD. With xT.CAD you can plot and put together mechanical drawings that would normally take you hours to draw by hand. With it you can zoom In for detailed work or scale down for an over all view of the drawing. You can take a part of your drawing and copy, move, rotate, erase, or dis play as a mirror image. Drawing circles or partial curves are a snap and can be done by plotting them on the screen or entering geometric data. The enlargement or zoom function Is one of the more impressive features of the program. Say you have completed your drawing of the house of the fu ture (figure 1) and you want to add some detail to the arch way. You move your pointer to the spot o n your drawing you want to detail and enlarge it up to 10 times Its size. The enlarged drawing will be In High Resolution, not low resolution blocks like most drawing programs (figure 2). You can now add some solar windows to the arch way as well as one...


Issometric Shapes

View Problems One look at Figure 2 and you will see visualization can be a problem. You can get around this in several ways (1) Unless one is desirous of a worms-eye or special view it always pays to have the origin outside the figure (see drawing 1). (2) Choose an object of roughly similar dimensions, run it and play around with the viewpoint and scale until all is clear. (3) It often helps to add some reference spot on one side to identify it, especially in symmetrical figures. (4) Another trick is to shade the inside surfaces or to number the points in your drawing as well. (5) Avoid using too much detail too early in drawing the piece because the clutter will confuse the eye.

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