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SaleHoo is a wholesale directory service that helps you source wholesale products with drop shipping capabilities. SaleHoo gives you the tools you need to find products and resell them for a profit. They offer 1.6 million products and feature over 8,000 suppliers in dozens of categories. Depending on your niche, product selection and competition, profits will vary. Having so many wholesale companies all together in one-place is such a time saver. If you are newer to reselling and looking at this as a way to get started, this could be a great tool. Read more here...

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Dropshipshark is a video course that teaches the users how to start and operate profitable e-commerce stores using a dropshipping business model. They will be taught how to make money from Dropshipping without a need to have knowledge about marketing or to have a website. In fact, the users will be taught and will be able to make a lot of money from Dropshipping even if the users don't have a knowledge of how to sell goods on a normal day. This is a complete step-by-step course that will take the users through the journey of making money from Dropshipping without spending much. It was created in such a way that it wouldn't be a quick fix for money problems. In other words, the users will need to follow the procedures meticulously before it can work for the users. Yet, the process is so easy that even a little child can fix it up. The guide is such that comes at a cheap price and would help in the reduction of the amount the users might have to pay for learning how to use dropshipping. It comes in a video format but is accompanied by various PDFs. Read more here...

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Midwest Computer Wholesale


Directory of Hardware Manufacturers and Distributors

It's difficult to keep track of all the products now available for Radio Shack computers. 80 Micro has compiled a list of manufacturers and distributors of TRS-80-compatible hardware and software. The first half of the directory, covering hardware only, is below. The software directory will appear in a forthcoming issue. Manufacturers are listed first, followed by distributors (in alphabetical order).

Word Of Explanation

And there's a good reason why. Supporting the expensive overhead of a chain of retail stores is not our idea of keeping costs down. You're buying the Clone computer at wholesale prices, directly from the manufacturer. Your Clone comes with an ironclad guarantee that exceeds most other manufacturers' We guarantee your satisfaction or we'll refund your purchase price within thirty days, no questions asked. Our guarantee is backed by a reputation earned In years of experience in the mail order business. Think about it. Repeat orders come from satisfied customers. This makes us work very hard to get It right the first time.

Programs Available Now From Microsystems Software

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE 1.0 (including inventory package) A point of sale, invoice-generating and based accounts receivable program. Including INVCO 1.3 (a comprehensive manufacturing inventory program), this program will meet the specialized needs of almost anyone engaged in the wholesale or distributing business. The fastest and best program of it's type available anywhere. Requires a Model I, 32K, twin drive system. Also requires DOSPLUS 3.2. For speed, accuracy, and convenience, it can't be beat Price quoted on request due to the custom configuring necessary in any business software.

Magic Cursor Programs

A sophisticated program that is easy to operate This unique system helps you manage your retail or wholesale inventory of up to 1000 line items. Cost may be fractions of a cent, item quantities may be decimal values. Automatic cost averaging of updated items and suggested sales prices based on gross profit. Transaction reports produced during posting functions Printed reports include

Stick Makes Keyboard Obsolete

Features the lamous ATARI Joystick 8 Directions + tire control Simple instructions to make joystick versions ot most action games Plugs into keyboard or expansion ml Price includes ATARI joystick with ALPHA interlace and instructions FREE MAGlC ARTIST1 program 1S39.93 Super Real Tnne Action Graphic Sound games tor Stic* 8U by Software innovations ALIEN INVASION COSMIC IN 1RU0ERS BHtAKOUI Each SIELLAR ADVENIUHt supet action with sound SH 9b Software rfutnors and distributors contact us for joystick conversion package tor your existing games

Administrative Office

These stations can operate our sales analysis program which can query both the order entry and the accounts receivable data bases to provide customer, salesman, or product sales results. They make the power of VisiCalc available to the manager for forecasting and planning as well as making word processing available to ease writing of the keynote speech for the annual convention of widget distributors.

Eighty System Newsletter

Don't miss a single issue of the new Eighty System Newsletter published weekly and mailed every Friday by First Class Mail. This is the only publication designed for personnel in the TRS-80* industry, including manufacturers. distributors, dealers and computer users. The Eighty System Newsletter is compiled and edited by Ken Gordon, producer of the National TRS-80* Show, the Eighty Apple Show, the NJ Microcomputer Show., and publisher of the Amateur Radio Equipment Directory Here is valuable information in professionally prepared format about TRS-80* hardware, software, peripherals, trends in the industry, and latest news. In addition, each weekly issue contains brief digests of articles related to the TRS-80* system appearing in over 100 computer related and general interest publications. This bibliography will save you both tima.and money in keeping up with articles in print on the TRS-80* computer system. The Eighty System Newsletter is a must for all active TRS-80* users, plus...

Dealer Inquiries Invited

American Small Business Computers is one of the nation's largest suppliers and distributors of TRS-80 related software. If you have a program which you would like to market, please contact Ms. Jeanie Phillips at American Small Business Computers. She will test and evaluate each program received. If the program meets our high standards, an offer of acceptance, along with our terms, will be returned with the software. All types of games, business and scientific programs will be considered. Highest royalties are now being paid for Color Computer programs.

Distributed In Canada By

It grew, and companies came and' went. Eventually, computer stores came into existance. Many of them were add-on's to existing electronics parts stores or distributors. Byte Shops and Computerlands sprang up and independents opened for business. The trend was away from hackers and games to small business computing. Getting serious with your computer seemed to be the trend (although games, probably because we are still all kids at heart, are still amoung the big sellers).

The Exatron Stringy Floppy Owners Association Newsletter

Arrangements have been made with some prominant software companies to distribute several of their better programs in the ESF wafer format. These quality programs are also available in their original cassette or disc versions through other distributors. The ESFOA also acts as a publisher for software authored by ESFOA members who have the desire and talent necessary to produce software of professional quality. This is the source of many excellent programs and the list of successful ESFOA software authors is growing constantly. Exatron does not sell through retail dealers in the US although we do handle international sales through distributors located in most foreign countries. Nevertheless, it is Exatron's long-term goal to become a supplier of packaged small business computers . The plan is to sell these products through Direct Sales Representatives who are, in effect, computer consultants serving their local area.

Applications Software Sourcebook

The success of the Applications Software Sourcebook (26-2113) has been tremendous and we hope it will continue to be so. The first edition went to press back in May with over 400 programmers or distributors listing over 1000 programs in eight categories, all at a price of only -99.

Am Electronics

Ann Arbor 3446 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, Ml 48104 (313) 973-2312 Open M-F 10-6, Sat. 10-5. Telex 220-821-HPC Fowlerville* 111 North Grand, Box 1071, Fowlerville, Ml 48836 (517) 223-7281 Attention Dealers, OEM's 8i Distributors Call us for details on our attractive pricing. The MicroBev Distribution System is a turnkey computer system designed strictly for small beer and soft-drink distributors. The software is designed for the Model II and runs on the TRSDOS operating system. MicroBev is written in Basic


Pat Perez PRINTED BY Peninsula Gateway Press Gig Harbor, Washington DISTRIBUTORS CANADA Micromatic Systems Inc No 101 - 8136 Park Road Richmond, BC Canada V6Y 1T1 EUROPE Hofacker Verlag Tegernseer Strasse 18 D-8150 Holzkirchen Obb West Germany UNITED KINGDOM The Software House


For readers who intend to make the move to double density, I suggest that when ordering from distributors other than Percom, they should be absolutely certain that a Doubler II will be shipped rather than an original Heve that distributors might be attempting to dump old stock, but there are still some unscrupulous dealers out there and it does not hurt to be cautious. And readers will notice that there are still many ads in the micro magazines which mention only the Doubler rather than the Doubler II.

So Accountant

Both systems prepare a full spectrum of quarterly and annual reports. In addition, master file printouts and individual employee records are available showing cumulative earnings paid, along with other year to date statistics. The SSG master file also has provisions for accumulating data, such as accrued vacation and sick pay. These statistics are not available in the Radio Shack payroll. The SSG payroll costs SI,250 and is available from distributors of CP M systems throughout the country. In order to run the payroll, purchase of the CP M operating systems and CBASIC is required. Because CP M for the Model II costs S19S and CBASIC costs an additional S100, the total cost of the SSG payroll system is a shade over SI,500. The Radio Shack payroll system costs less than S400 with slightly fewer features.

Arden Street

If there is a weak point, it is in the documentation. Not in substance, but in professionalism. The documentation contains sentences like The command AO causes the aircraft to descend to 0 altitude, but is also causes the aircraft to ignore all further instructions. What is needed here is a little bit of proofreading. That shouldn't be hard for the distributors to do, since they publish a national magazine.


Here's Captain 80 enjoying the tranquil sea breezes of Salachi Bay. I'm aboard a medium size fishing boat searching for a Great White Shark. THE TERROR OF SALACHI BAY from Lakefront Software or SHARK ATTACK as it is billed by Adventure International and Soft Sector Marketing (its two principal distributors), is a primative dot to dot search program not unlike the old Hunt The Hurkle. But there the similarities end. The movements are INKEYed arrows for ease of operation and the interaction messages are entertaining. But don't try passing this one on to your fifteen year old. It is designed specifically for the little nrififi


Dual Port Expander TJN Systems announces the release of the Y-PAK dual port adapter for the Color Computer. The device eliminates the need for removing the disk controller each time a game cartridge is used and it plugs directly into the existing cartridge slot. Two LED indicated switches provide control of the Y-PAK. The retail price of the Y-PAK is 70 when mail ordered from B. Erickson Software, P.O. Box 11099, Chicago, IL 60611. Dealer inquiries for wholesale pricing should be directed to TJN Systems, 765 Rt. 3, Suite 111, Bensenville, IL 60106.

Pulse Train

Buyer get his microcomputer That's the question Strategic Inc. asked in a recent survey. Of the owners polled, the vast majority, 56 percent, bought their units from retail stores, while 10 percent bought them from mass merchandisers, and 8 percent bought wholesale (see Fig. 2).

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

Salehoo Secrets and Tips

As with any web site, SaleHoo has a number of features that will help you in buying products from around the world. Once you have an account on SaleHoo, which only costs a one-time fee, you can establish up to twenty named searches for products. After that, any time those items become available, you’ll be alerted.

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