a Basic patching utility for Model 4

by Lance Wolstrup

shelf and began to investigate, tense study, I made up my mind mess with JCL

I have been sitting on this idea for a couple of years. Then, and a few times since, Henry Herdegen asked me to 'fix' the Model 4 Job Control Language (JCL) so it would behave the same as JCL on Model III. The problem is that Model 4 JCL does not allow return to a calling Basic program. Oh, it will return to Basic, all-right -but it just sits there and waits at the Ready prompt.

I finally had some time, so I pulled the 'Source' off my book-After a few hours of in-- no way was I going to

The original reason that Henry wanted to modify JCL was to allow the writing of a Model 4 patch program, similar to the one he has available for the Model III (TRSDOS 1.3). Hmmm!!! Why not do it another way?

After some thinking, I decided to write a 'patch reader' program. That is, a program that wili read a plain ASCII text file and then execute the patch commands contained therein. It didn't seem overly difficult, read a sequential file (the ASCII file), and use it to make modifications to a random access file (the file to be patched).

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