I booted up the Model I with LDOS 5.1.4 in drive :0 and formatted a 36 track, single-density disk in drive :1. Then I ran the GETDISK/CMD program and, sure enough, it read each sector on each track and faithfully copied the information to a file on drive :1 called LDOS/DSK. This, I am sure, took somewhat longer than Mr. Vavasour's parallel port method. But, no matter, I had created a file containing the entire LDOS boot disk in drive :0. Now, the big question was - would it work?

I stuck the LDOS/DSK disk in my Model 4 and used SPRX/CMD to copy it to an MS-DOS disk. I then inserted that disk in my PC and copied the file, LDOS.DSK, to my MOD1 directory.

Next, I fired up MODEL1.EXE and used the menu to instruct the program to use the LDOS.DSK file as the boot disk in drive :0.1 rebooted the emulator and - HOLY MOLEY - up came the LDOS 5.1.4 logo and I was prompted for the date (yes, it would not accept a date after 12/31/87), and then for the time. After taking care of this preliminary business, I was looking at LDOS Ready. My program had succeeded - DYNAMITE!!!

The next few days were spent finding my Model I disks and copying them to files so they could be transferred to the PC. I have three drives attached to my Model I, so, in order to be able to copy a non-system disk (a data disk),

I kept the LDOS 5.1.4 disk in drive :0, but began copying the disks from drive :2 to files on the disks in drive :1. This only required one change in the program. Note the bolded line in the listing - change it to read:

As of this writing, I have the following DOSes running:

LDOS 5.3.1 LDOS 5.1.4 MULTIDOS 1.6 TRSDOS 2.3 NEWDOS/8O v2.

DOSPLUS (don't know which version)

The following programs seem to be running fine (note that they have not been thoroughly tested):

0 0

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