I am convinced that most other programs will run as well, but since I haven't had time to transfer the rest of my collection, I'll have to leave that as speculation for the moment.

While checking if EDAS would run, I wrote a few lines of assembly code and then gave the command to get a hard copy (H#,*). Sure enough, the printer port worked and my listing was printed. The printer behaved exactly the way it was supposed to (HP laserjet series II) when hooked up to a TRS-80 Model I - it printed everything on the same line - just carriage returns and no linefeeds! Imagine that - my HP is physically hooked up to an MS-DOS clone that for the moment thinks it is a TRS-80 Model I - and the PC is sending TRS-80 commands to the printer. That's a great job of programming.

All I needed to do was to dust off and make some slight alterations to the program I wrote a couple of months ago for my Model 4 when I hooked the HP up to it. No sooner said than done - I restarted EDAS and began coding the following program. Do note that I have written the code to this and the other listings in a manner so they can be keyed in to EDAS, or any of the other edi tor/assemblers available, such as EDTASM series I from Radio Shack, or the NEWDOS/8Q version of EDTASM.


Model I utility to convert cr to cr+lf on HP laser jets & desk jets copyright 1993 by Lance Wolstrup

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