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Thought you would like the latest on Graphics-90. Pieter Plomp has been corresponding with me about Model I versions, and I finally got some time to convert all the files to 'universal' versions and even to add a few new ones, using Matieu Simons' patches in the latest TRS-Times as a starting point. I even did a version for Model I TRSDOS 2.3. There's a problem with that last version, though (aside from the fact that I don't have a Model I to test it on). The problem is that I could read the original Model I disk only by using the LDOS REPAIR utility on it; and if I remember right from my Model I days, once a disk is REPAIRed, it is no longer readable by TRSDOS 2.3. So, you end up with a disk of Model I TRSDOS utilities which can't be read on a Model I! I seem to remember that The Alternate Source once listed a program called UNRE-PAIR/CMD, which would return a Model I disk to its original state after it was examined under LDOS. If anyone has this utility, please send me a copy. I suppose Super Utility might be able to do it, too, or MultiDos (ie, read and transfer files to a Model I disk without first repairing it).

I've sent a disk with the new versions of the G-90 utilities to Pieter, who does have a Model I and a ton of software, for him to test them out. If they work okay, I'll incorporate them into the whole package and make the upgrade available via TRSTimes.

A minor correction to Allen Jacobs' otherwise excellent review: You don't need AllWrite to print Graphics-90 on a LaserJet or DeskJet printer. The HP fonts can be used with any word processor -- even Scripsit -- as long as you set it to print in Elite pitch. And you can print a screen without needing any word processor at all. What I did with my article was to create the title heading with the Graphics-90 editor, saved it to disk, then loaded the file into AllWrite and added the text. Many of the utilities in the package can be used in conjunction with other programs, but no other programs are required for them to be used.

Here are two thing we might watch for next: 1) Pieter would like an Epson printer driver for Graphics-90.1 have no idea how to write one, but maybe one of the new users can come up with one. 2) If the new users really get into the package, we could be seeing some really creative animation programs in a few months.

Finally, Roy Beck's article on the history of the Model was great (after all, I'm a history teacher). Gary W. Shanafelt, Ph.D. Department of History McMurry University Abilene, TX 79697

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