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Model 4

Public Domain Disks

M4GOODIES#1: day/cmd, day/txt, gomuku/cmd, llife/cmd, llife/doc, writer/cmd, writer/doc, writer/hip, yahtzee/bas

M4GOODIES#2: arc4/cmd, arc4/doc, cia/bas, etimer/cmd, index/cmd, index/dat, mail/bas, mail/txt, trscat/cmd, trscat/txt, util4/cmd, xt4/cmd, xt4/dat, xt4hlp/dat

M4GOODIES#3: convbase/bas, dates/bas, dctdsp/cmd, dmu/cmd, dmu/doc, dskcat5/cmd, dskcat5/doc, editor/cmd, editor/doc, fedit/cmd, fkey/asm, fkey/cmd, fkey/doc, hangman/cmd, m/cmd, m/src, membrane/bas, miniop2/cmd, miniop2/src, move/cmd, move/doc, othel-lo4/bas, scroll4/cmd, scrolI4/src, setdate6/cmd, set-date6/doc, setdate6/fix, spaceadv/bas, taxman/bas, utilbill/bas, utilbill/doc

M4GOODIES#4: WORD WIZARD disk #1 of 3 anima/bas, archi/bas, autos/bas, battuere/bas, cap-tus/bas, contvert/bas, curro/bas, dico/bas, ducere/bas, eulogos/bas, facere/bas, fluere/bas, gradi/bas, jacere/bas, kata/bas, male/bas, metron/bas, naus/bas, startup/bas, startup/jcl, stig/bas, tangere/bas, wordmenu/bas

M4GOODIES#5: WORD WIZARD disk #2 of 3 cognos/bas, frangere/bas, juris/bas, medius/bas, mit-tere/bas, monos/bas, numbers/bas, orare/bas, pan-demos/bas, para/bas, pathos/bas, pendere/bas, philanth/bas, phongrap/bas, polynom/bas, prefix"!/bas, prefix2/bas, premere/bas, sal/bas, startup/bas, startup/jcl, statuere/bas, wordmenu/bas M4GOODIES#6: WORD WIZARD disk 3 of 3 bible/bas, french1/bas, french2/bas, french3/bas, italian/bas, latphras/bas, Iit1/bas, Iit2/bas, myths/bas, places/bas, plicare/bas, spanish/bas, stagnare/bas, stare/bas, startup/bas, startup/jcl, synpath/bas, televid/bas, tenere/bas, vaco/bas, valere/bas, vox/bas, wordmenu/bas

M4GOODIES#7: calendar/cmd, castladv/bas, civil-war/bas, crimeadv/bas, dctdsp/cmd, ed6/cmd, ed6/doc, edittext/bas, fedit/cmd, mail/bas, mail/txt, scramble/bas, states/bas, textpro/cmd, time4/bas, wizard/bas, wizard/doc, worldcap/bas

M4GOODIES#8: books/bas, books/doc, dmu/cmd, dmu/doc, hamcalc/bas, hamhelp/bas, network/bas, network/doc, pirate/bas, pirate/doc, vmap/bas, vmap/doc, vmap2/bas, vmap2/doc, zork1/doc, zork2/doc, zork3/doc M4GOODIES#9: ft/cmd, ft/doc, pterm/cmd, pterm/doc, r/cmd, r/doc, scrconv/bas, scrconv/doc, video4/asm, video4/cmd

M4GOODIES#10: checker/cmd, crossref/cmd, crossref/doc, ddir/cmd, diskcat/cmd, diskcat/doc, division/bas, division/doc, getput/bas, getput/doc, host/cmd, hv/bas, maszap4/cmd, maszap4/doc, park/cmd, profile4/doc, protect/bas, protect/doc, rename/bas, replace/bas, restore/bas, rm/bas, scrndump/bas, scrndump/doc, super/hip, vers/cmd M4GOODIES#11: benchmrk/bas, bigcal/bas, big-cal/doc, birthday/bas, dearc4/cmd, dezip2/cmd, dname/cmd, docufile/bas, docufile/doc, docufile/mrg, es-cape/bas, mem4/cmd, million/bas, nomad/bas, password/bas, password/dat, password/doc, password/jcl, roman/bas, sixtymin/bas, startrek/bas, trekinst/bas

M4GOODIES#12: awari/bas, buyimg/bas, crasher/bas, curvfit2/bas, gradebk/bas, mortcost/bas, mortcost/doc, print/bas, print/doc, reiman/bas, square/bas, star-lane/bas, staybus/bas, sunrise/bas, synonym/bas, timezon1/bas, timezon2/bas, travel/bas, vmap2/bas, vmap2/doc, weekday/bas

M4GOODIES#13: calndr1/bas, calndr2/bas, calndr3/bas, formltrs/bas, invloan/bas, limerick/bas, mar-tian/bas, mission/bas, moneymkt/bas, munchmth/bas, numbrfun/bas, smith/bas, smith/doc, star2000/bas, star-find/bas, stprfind/dat, starfind/doc, starfind/jcl, states/bas, wallst/bas

M4GOODIES#14: alphahex/bas, bowlchng/bas, bowlcrea/bas, bowldetl/bas, bowlfinl/bas, bowling/doc, bowlmenu/bas, bowlprnt/bas, bowlrcap/bas, bowlrecd/bas, bowlrecp/bas, bowlschd/bas, bowlscor/bas, bowl sort/bas, buscheck/bas, calculat/bas, chekform/bas, deprec/bas, futrdate/bas, membrain/bas, minimath/bas, normalz/bas, numconv/bas, pcbdest/bas, pcbdest/doc, pcform/bas, pcpm/bas, pcpm/doc, pcpm/jcl, utscan/bas, yagibeam/bas, zeller/bas M4GOODlES#15: laughs/bas, laughs/dat, laughs/doc, Iaughs1/dat, Iaughs2/dat, Iaughs3/dat, Iaughs4/dat, Iaughs5/dat, Iaughs6/dat, Iaughs7/dat, Iaughs8/dat, Iaughs9/dat, Iaughs10/dat, laughsl 1/dat, laughsl 2/dat, Iaughs13/dat, laughsl 4/dat, laughsl 5/dat M4GOODIES#16: trivia/bas, trivia/doc, trivial/dat, trivia2/dat, trivia3/dat, trivia4/dat

M4GOODIES#17: acrs/bas, amorloan/bas, clok-mod/bas, compound/bas, dcform/bas, decide/bas, easyword/bas, editno/bas, epslabel/bas, esckey/bas, ex-pect/bas, funct1/bas, funct2/bas, gasform/bas, hexprint/bas, hexsay/bas, lostgold/bas, mathfunc/bas, mpgcalc/bas, neclabel/bas, nicellst/bas, nonlin/bas, non-lin/rem, payback/bas, peekprnt/bas, percent/bas, prntcall/bas, proverbs/bas, randseed/bas, savings/bas, speech/bas, tasklist/bas, tempconv/bas, weightfm/bas

Each disk is $5.00 (U.S.) or get any 3 disks for $12.00 (U.S.) please specify the exact disks wanted.

TRSTimes PD-DISKS 5721 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Suite 4 Woodland Hills, CA. 91367

Model I & III Public Domain Disks

PD#1: binclock/cmd, binclock/doc, checker/bas, checker/doc, chomper/bas, cls/cmd, dduty3/cmd, driver/cmd, driver/doc, drivtime/cmd, mazeswp/bas, minibase/bas, minitest/dat, mx/cmd, piazza/bas, spdup/cmd, spdwn/cmd, vici/bas, vid80/cmd, words/die. PD#2: creator/bas, editor/cmd, maze3d/cmd, miner/cmd, note/cmd, poker/bas, psycho/cmd, supdraw/cmd, vader/cmd

PD#3: d/cmd, trsvoice/cmd, xmodem/cmd, xt3/cmd, xt3/txt, xthelp/dat

PD#4: cobra/cmd, disklog/cmd, flight/bas, flight/doc, narzabur/bas, narzabur/dat, narzabur/his, narzabur/txt, othello/bas, vid80x24/cmd, vid80x24/txt PD#5: eliza/cmd, Iu31/cmd, sq31/cmd, usq31/cmd PD#6: clawdos/cmd, clawdos/doc, cocoxf40/cmd, dskrnam/bas, menu/cmd, ripper3/bas, sky2/bas, sky2/his, space/cmd, stocks/bas, trs13pat/bas, vid-sheet/bas

PD#7: cards/bas, cities/bas, coder/bas, eye/bas, heataudt/bas, hicalc/bas, life/bas, moustrap/bas, ohare/bas, slots/bas, stars/cmd, tapedit/bas PD#8: craps/bas, fighter/bas, float/bas, hangman/bas, jewels/cmd, lifespan/bas, varidump/bas, xindex/bas, xor/bas

PD#9: bublsort/bas, chess/bas, finratio/bas, homebudg/bas, inflat/bas, mathdril/bas, midway/bas, nitefly/bas, pokrpete/bas, teaser/bas PD#10: Itc21/bas, Itc21/ins, lynched/bas, match/bas, math/bas, message/bas, message/ins, portfol/bas, portfol/ins, spellegg/bas, storybld/bas PD#11: alpha/bas, caterpil/cmd, cointoss/bas, crolon/bas, cube/cmd, dragon/cmd, fastgraf/bas, fastgraf/ins, lunarexp/bas, music/bas, music/ins, planets/bas, volcano/cmd

PD#12: baccarat/bas, backpack/bas, backpack/ins, doodle/bas, dragoris/bas, dragons/ins, king/bas, sinewave/bas, snoopy/bas, wallst/bas, wall st/ins PD#13: atomtabl/bas, boa/bas, chekbook/bas, con-quer/cmd, dominos/bas, morse/bas, mountain/bas, quiz/bas, signbord/bas, sketcher/bas PD#14: autoscan/bas, checkers/bas, craps/bas, ducks/bas, isleadv/bas, nim/bas, rtriangl/bas, sammy/cmd, typing/bas, wordpuzl/bas PD#15: budget/bas, corp/bas, corp/ins, fourcolr/bas, fullback/bas, grapher/bas, illusion/bas, jukebox/bas, ledger/bas, maze/cmd, reactest/bas, shpspree/bas, states/bas, tapecntr/bas, tiar/bas, tiar/ins PD#16: amchase/bas, constell/bas, filemastr/bas, foneword/bas, geometry/bas, heartalk/bas, hid-numbr/bas, Igame/bas, marvello/bas, powers/bas, scramble/bas, speed/bas, subs/bas PD#17: conundrm/bas, eclipse/bas, esp/bas, esp/ins, hustle/bas, jacklant/bas, mindblow/bas, othello/bas, pleng/bas, rubik/bas, trend/bas, ufo/bas, veggies/bas

PD#18: backgam/bas, chess/cmd, cosmip/cmd, dis-tance/bas, hexpawn/bas, music/cmd, stokpage/bas, texted/bas, texted/ins, trex/bas, twodates/bas, wanderer/bas

PD#19: banner/bas, cresta/cmd, lander/bas, medi-cal/bas, moons/bas, par/bas, parchut/bas, pillbox/bas, readtrn/bas, replace/bas, ship/cmd, solomadv/bas, space/cmd, survival/bas

PD#20: bomber/bas, bumbee/cmd, ciaadv/bas, dice31/bas, dice31/ins, diskcat1/bas, firesafe/bas, flashcrd/bas, hitnmlss/bas, mazegen/bas, mazes-cap/cmd, roulette/bas, seasonal/bas PD#21: aprfool/bas, catmouse/bas, d/cmd, escape/bas, header/bas, kalah/bas, mathwrld/bas, nameit/bas, note/cmd, photo/bas, read/cmd, syzygy/bas, timeshar/cmd, timeshar/doc, trace80/cmd, trsdir/cmd, worm/bas, yatz80/bas

PD#22: arcade/bas, cube/cmd, eclipse/bas, led/bas, leastsqr/bas, medical/bas, million/bas, pwrplant/bas, round/bas, subway/bas, tapeid/bas PD#23: artil/bas, artil/ins, baseconv/bas, crushman/bas, dissert/bas, huntpeck/bas, jungle/bas, jungle/ins, messages/bas, monitor/bas, monster/bas, moons/bas, ohmlaw/bas, stockpage/bas, tictacto/bas PD#24: baslist/asm, baslist/cmd, baslist/doc, cleaner3/cmd, cleaner3/doc, difkit1/bas, difkit1/doc, dir-patch/asm, dirpatch/cmd, e/cmd, ei/doc, i/cmd, new-map/bas, newmap/doc, varlst/asm, varlst/cmd, varlst/doc PD#25: copy/bas, copy/doc, dirpw/asm, dirpw/cmd, dirpw/doc, dskfmt/bas, dskfmt/doc, himap/asm, himap/cmd, huricane/bas, hv/bas, hv/doc, keydemo/bas, keyin/bas, keyin/doc, lazyptch/asm, lazyptch/doc, sal-vage/bas, salvage/doc,wpflt/asm, wpflt/flt PD#26: constell/bas, divisor/bas, frame/bas, heatfus/bas, heatfus/doc, hicalc/bas, mathlprt/bas, mathquiz/bas, molecule/bas, morscode/bas, phyalpha/bas, phyal-pha/doc, remaindr/bas, usa/bas, wiring/bas PD#27: engine/bas, fraction/bas, geosat/bas, grades/bas, julian/bas, lunarcal/bas, mailist/bas, metabo-li/bas,musictrn/bas, perindex/bas, potrack/bas PD#28: chainfil/bas, citoset/bas, convnum/bas, cur-sors/bas, cursors/doc, datamkr/bas, deprec/bas, gmenuii/bas, Iedger12/bas, menui/bas, menuii/bas, mini-ves/bas, ninteres/bas, refinanc/bas, regdepo/bas, rem-bal/bas, rndbordr/bas

Each disk is $5.00 (U.S.) or get any 3 disks for $12.00 (U.S.)

please specify the exact disks wanted.

TRSTimes PD-DISKS 5721 Topanga Canyon Blvd., Suite 4 Woodland Hills, CA. 91367

100 Bowling Tips

100 Bowling Tips

Playing bowling with your friends can help you decide if it is indeed the hobby that you want to invest your time on today. Aside from that, it can help you get a better feel of the sport. More importantly, when you play with your friends, it would become a more fun activity, which you can look forward to each week.

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