Sorry I can't report total success at this stage, but between Lance, Dan and Art, and myself, I believe we will be able to finish the patching of RSHARD so it will work successfully with the new LDOS V 5.3.1. However, we do have the hard drive working successfully with LDOS V5.1.3 and V 5.1.4 and with the interim version of RSHARD.

If you have a reliable Model I (no random reboots, etc) of types B, C, D or E and a Radio Shack hard drive, why not consider combining them into a system? It sure is a pleasure to operate a Model I with a hard drive, and it is FAST! The only hangup is availability of the adapter cable assembly. You will have to buy, find, or make that yourself, but with a little spirit of adventure, you can do it!

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