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MISOSYS announces the release of LB Data Manager Version 2.1. This flatfile data base manager now sports ten field types, each of which can be edit or display protected, or established as a required entry. Data entry has been enhanced to allow duplicating fields from the previously-entered record, as well as forward and reverse field navigation. Flexible editing now incorporates global search and replace with wild-card character match and source string substitution. Up to ten index files may be created.

Flexible report generation provides for directing reports to the printer, display screen, or a disk file. Definable printer (de)initialization strings are supported. Numeric field averages and record counts have been added to existing (sub)totals in footer support. And a capability for generating external mai'/merge files has been added.

Included maintenance utilities provide for database restructuring, as well as duplicating existing structures, moving and copying records between database files, and mass purging of records. A new 200-page User Manual has been produced.

LB Data Manager Version 2 is priced at $99 + $5 S&H (U.S.). Upgrades from version 1 are $40 + S&H with return of the Ver. 1.0 TOC page. Contact MISOSYS at 800-MISOSYS (800-647-6797) for details.

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