The best "smart" terminal package available for the Model 1/1)1 It's menu driven and includes a text editor, four conversion utilities, and setting files to access all of the popular data bases such as CompuServ, the Source, Dow Jones, etc User defined keys and automatic reformatting of data to the size of your screen are only two of many extra features The 76-page manual also has been called the "best in the industry" List $95.00

LD0S was designed with the user in mind—a must for every Model l/lll owner even if you have other advanced operating systems Features full keyboard type-ahead, a true print spooler, hard disk support, data transportability between the Model I and II, Job Control Language, communications utility, customer service number for technical support, and so much more!! The 400-page manual provides step by step instructions for every phase of LDOS and includes explicit examples of each command and utility This is the one List price $129.00


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