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Cassette-based Systems

Futureview Inc. offers software designed for the cassette-based users of the Model I/III and Color Computer. Their new line of software features a speed sort machine language routine with easy documentation. Data is in RAM at all times and storing to tape is only done at the end of the session.

Packages include Electric Bookkeeper and Sales/Inventory ($49.95 each); Speed Writer and Addresser, an interactive word processing and addressing system ($24.95 each); and Check System, also for $24.95. The company also offers games (with a fantasy and science fiction theme) as well as programs developed especially for children. For a catalog, include a

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SASE and contact Futureview Inc., P.O. Box 101, Joplin, MO 64802 or call (417) 781-6999.

Information Retrieval Service

Knowledge Index, offered by Dialog Information Services, Inc., allows users to tap into data banks which cover engineering, electronics, business, law, medicine, agriculture, education, and news. Subscribers will be able to scan over four million entries from over 10,000 journals and publications.

Information, in the form of abstracts, will give users of the system summaries as well as citations to the magazines in which the complete article can be found. The system allows for key word (or phrase) searching and logical operators such as AND, OR, or NOT are available. The cost is $24 per hour with a one-time fee of $35. Complete descriptive literature is available by calling (800) 528-6050, Ext. 415, or (800) 352-0458, Ext. 415 (in AR), or (800) 528-0470, Ext. 415 (in AK and HA), or write to Knowledge Index, Dialog Information Services, Inc., 3460 Hillview Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304.

CP/M Utility Programs

TangData is offering a collection of utilities for the CP/M Disk Operating System. You can read and write to disk sectors, show extents, list ASCII programs and even have single-disk file transfer.

All programs work in single, double and extended double-density formats. Each allow easy, single-key operation and require a minimum of learning to operate. The programs are available in 8 inch format ($24.95) or 5.25 inch format ($19.95). They are suitable for the Model II, 16, or Model I with a CP/M adapter. For complete information contact TangData Corporation, 100 Eames Street, Framingham, MA 01701 or call (617) 872-7520.

Co Co-Cooler

Rem Industries, Inc. have developed an add-on fan for the TRS-80 Color Computer. It will hold computer temperature rise, in even worst case situations, to below 15 degrees. The housing is made of high-impact plastic and has its own rubber support feet, allowing no stress to be put on the computer housing. It is designed as a separate unit and attaches easily to the back left side of your computer. For information, contact Rem Industries, Inc., 9420 "B" Lurline Ave., Chatsworth, CA 91311 or call

Co Co-Cooler

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