Every Nine Minutes Someone Joins American Software Club


1.PRICE: ASC promises that members' prices are the lowest available. If you find a lower, nationally advertised price, we will gladly credit your account with the difference.

2. NO MINIMUM: As a Club member you are never obligated to buy anything you don't want.

3. FAST SHIPMENT: The products we offer in our catalog are kept in stock, so orders are usually shipped within 24 hours.

4. PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS: ASC's bi-monthly Compendium contains extensive product descriptions on every offering so that novice and expert alike know what they are buying.

5. WIDE SELECTION: ASC carries hundreds of programs as well as hardware and supplies for APPLE, ATARI, CP/M, IBM PC, and TRS-80 computers.

For A Six-Month Trial Membership With No Fee Or Obligation,

Fill Out The Coupon Or Call Our Toll Free Number:

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