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"FASTER" speeds up most THS-80 BASIC programs by 20-50%. It's helped hundreds of satisfied people and it can help you. Detailed instructions make it easy to use. FASTER analyses your BASIC programs while they run, then displays a simple change, usually one line, that sequences program variables so the ROM will find them faster.

You can use FASTER to speed up programs you've bought, as well as programs of your own. Since it isn't a compiler, your BASIC programs can be read and changed afterwards. FASTER works on business programs, models, and games. The more complex your program, the better the results.

Does FASTER really work? Yes! Just check the reviews in Personal Computing. May, 1981, p. 116: "FASTER is effective and easy to use"; 80 U.S. Journal, April, 1982, p. 106: "I recommend FASTER to everyone"; and 80 MICRO (April, 1982, p. 40): "If you...would like a significant increase in the run-time speed, then buy FASTER."

FASTER runs on the TRS-80 Models I and III, 16-48K tape or disk, and all major operating systems. $29.95

"QUICK COMPRESS" takes only 276 bytes of memory, and removes the blanks and remarks from even the largest BASIC program in less than 3 seconds. It produces smaller, faster programs without altering their logic.



You can avoid unnecessary disk errors and repair bills by using 1PM. This easy-to-use program measures the rotational speed and fluctuations of your disk drives, and warns you if they are running too fast, too slow, or unevenly.

Incorrect or erratic speed is a common cause of unexplained disk errors and loss of data. RPM's documentation explains how to detect and correct these problems quickly and easily. As 80 MICRO (April, 1982, page 41) said: "If your drives have problems I recommend RPN before paying to get it repaired."

RPM is supplied on diskette for the TRS-80 Models I and III. We suggest you order a copy before you need it.


(800) 824-7888, Operator 422 CALIF: (800) 852-7777, Oper. 422 ALASKA/HAWAII: (800) 824-7919

FOR TECHNICAL INFORMATION CALL: (213) 764-3131, or write to us.

ing/handling within U.S.A. or Canada, and $5.00 overseas.

Dept. B, Box 560, No. Hollywood, CA 91603

TERMS:We accept VISA, MasterCard, checks, or even cash. Please add S2.00 shippii C.O.D. charge is $2.00 in U.S. only. We ship within one day of receiving orders.

ing/handling within U.S.A. or Canada, and $5.00 overseas.

goal is to unscramble the array by rotating any slice or layer until each face of the larger cube is a solid color.

Unlike the plastic cubes; the computer game will record a player's last 255 moves and allows a plàyër to undo or redo them. Positions can be saved to tape, two players can compete against the clock, and there is a variety of different color combinations possible. Use different colors to flag différent break points in solving the cube.

80-Grafîx board

Now have high resolution graphics on your Model I or III. The 80-Grafix board gives any Model I computer an effective resolution of 384 by 192 pixels through the use of 128 programmable characters. Each character is made up of a 6 x 12 matrix of individually controlled dots. The Model III board has a 512 by 192 resolution, also made through the use of 128 characters, each of which is comprosed of an 8 x 12 dot matrix.

Once programmed, in BASIC or machine language, the characters can be displayed by PRINT or POKE statements. High resolution is enabled through the OUT command and is disabled whenever reset is pressed. The device will not interfere with existing software. Included with the board are over twenty programs and files for instructing and entertaining. The board also includes a hardware lowercase modification and requires no soldering for installation.

Available for tape or disk systems (please specify configuration and model) for $169.95 from Micro-Labs Inc., 902 Pinecrest, Richardson, TX 75080, (214) 235-0915. Texas residents add 5% sales tax.

Spectrum Stick The Spectrum Stick is a new joystick for the Color Computer. A hair-trigger fire button makes long sessions at the computer easy and it uses swivel-ball components for a smooth and true feel. Extra long cable and brushed aluminum knob for comfort and control. Its sturdy construction eliminates the worry about broken parts and a red LED indicator tells you whenever the computer is left on. It is available from Spectrum Projects, 93-15 — 86 Drive, Woodhaven, NY 11421, (212) 441-2807 for $39.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling.

Number Cruncher

Is a complete statistical package for the Models I and III and will soon be available on the Model II. Data is entered directly into a disk file through a data file manager. Over twenty-five transformations can be used for processing the data. The manager allows for editing, adding, or merging of the data.

Entered data can be analyzed by numerous procedures, including multiple regression* stepwise regression, correlation analysis, t-tests, scatter plots, components analysis, and a host of ANOVA programs. These statistician written programs are available on two single-sided disks. They will run on 32K, but 48K is recommended. The system is priced at $99.95 plus $3.00 Shipping and handling. For more information contact Dr. Jerry L. Hintze, 865 East 400 North, Kaysville, UT 84037, (801) 546-0445.

COPY-NOT COPY-NOT is an external security program for BASIC software authors. It significantly modifies TRSDOS 2.3 and stores all "/BAS" compressed files in an encrypted form. COPY-NOT modifies DOS READY but still allows library execution and up to nine DOS sequence commands through use of its DO/JCL file. It does not affect available memory during execution, but does render BASIC * inoperative. It allows the software author to title each diskette and has an auto serial number feature for use when creating application disks. Stops piracy of software and gives software authors sole ownership of their work. For use with Model I disk systems. Available from HPB Vector Co., 130 Center St., East Stroudsburg, PA 18301, for $275.00.

Handicapping Program

The KEL-CO Thoroughbred Handicapping System RS-5 was developed and introduced in the 1960's after an analysis of over 10000 races. It has evolved into a system that has both quantitive and qualitative aspects. You supply such facts as date, name of horse, number of starts, earnings, type of track, win place and show records, age, purse, date of workout and last race, and judgment calls regarding type of win the horse has had. The system notes prime and longshot bets as well as allowing for Daily Doubles, Exactas and Quinellas, and on or off track betting. There is also a version, RS-6, for harness racing and handicapping. Available in USA from Canella Sales Corp., 420 E. Genesee St., Suite 208, Syracuse, NY 13202, (800) 448-5713, for $200. NY residents add sales tax. In Canada, contact Equine Management & Innovations, P.O. Box 2214, Station D, Ottawa, Ontario KIP 5W4. Canadian price is $225 Cdn.

Model 16 Spreadsheet System FINANSWER+ is written in RM/COBOL and rims in 16-bit mode on the Model 16's 68000 CPU. The package includes menu-based processing, English language input, automatic saving and restoring of spreadsheets, password protection, sorting and graphics. It supports twelve spreadsheets per data file and up to 1200 figures per sheet. Consolidate spreadsheets for a total of up to 14400 figures. Use of the 16-bit processor gives high speed operation and rapid disk input. For $395. Maintenance after 90 days is $60 per year. Contact DATAMATE Co. Inc., 4135 South 100th East Avenue, Suite 101, Tulsa, OK 74145, (918) 664-7276.

Expansion Interface for the Color Computer

This new expansion interface provides a Centronics compatible I/O port, 64K memory access circuit and expansion capability for up to seven additional peripheral cards. It requires no modification to the Color Computer and is compatible with the Radio Shack Disk System. It does not interfere with existing ROM or output ports. Access to a complete 64K is possible for 32K Rev-E Color Computer owners. Optional aluminum chassis is available. The CX-2001A expander card is $139.95, the chassis (CX-3001A) is $39.95, and the ribbon cable (CX-2401A) is $29.95. Introductory package price is $189.95. Contact General Automation, 9600 Roosevelt Blvd., Suite 100-LL, Philadelphia, PA 19115, (215) 934-3758.

ASG-III hard disk

The ASG-III hard disk plugs directly into the TRS-80 Model III expansion port and includes Winchester drive technology. It includes drivers for M&del III LDOS (LDOS is not included) and is available in five or ten-megabyte capacity. Five-megabyte drive is $1795, ten-megabyte drive is $1995, and the DOSPLUS 4.0n hard disk operating system is $149. For further information, contact All Systems Go, 638 S. Dillard St., Winter Garden, FL 32787, (800) 327-6590. In Florida call (305) 877-2830.

Macro Assembler and Editor on Disk for the Radio Shack Color Computer

MACRO-80c is a macro assembler, screen oriented editor and machine language monitor for the Radio Shack Color Computer disk system.

The Assembler features local labels, conditional assembly, page headers and symbol table cross-reference listings. The full standard 6809 instruction set is supported, along with many additional pseudo-ops. Input from multiple input files.

The text editor may be used on any type of text file, but has been designed specifically for quick and easy editing of assembly language source files.

A machine language monitor is included, and memory may be dumped to a printer or a text file. Breakpoints may be set, blocks of memory set or moved.

MACRO-80c runs on a 16K or 32K computer, one Radio Shack disk drive is required, and multiple drives are supported. $99.95 from The Micro Works, P.O. Box 1110 Del Mar, CA 92014, (714) 942-2400.

CHR i CEH: i (Changing) Mode: Skip

80-Grafix Board — Model III
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