Nofuss High Speed Software

KWIK Cassette Operating System for Mod 1. The easy-to-use Level II enhancement for reliable fast taping (select 1000-3000 baud). Features: save, load, verify, search, chain-load, catalog, and test-read of both BASIC and machine-code programs ... plus: long pgm names, passwords, debounce, slow 'list', self 'backup', and more.

The KWIK Cassette Operating System for Model 3. All KWICOS' features at 2200 baud, plus KWIK set of: clock display, Time, Date, Cassette high/low, I/O routing, etc.

KWIKIT (specify Model) $12

Mini-system for BASIC programs only. EasyLoad 1000 baud for Mod 1, 2200 baud | for Mod 3. Many 'KWICOS' features.

Makes stand-alone fast-loading (2x-6x) j copies of any standard 500 baud "SYS-j TEM" program. (At 6x, 3 minute program loads in 44 sec!)

Similar to 'KWINK', but for BASIC pgrns only. | (Specify 16-32-48k)

Makes 500 or 1500 baud copy of any other | standard 'system' pgm.

SKEPTICAL? Any doubt that KWIK model I speedup programs work? Send $3 for DEMO tape (re-

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