'WORK4 for YOU

CREATE: forms, labels and form letters.

This machine code word processor can even ADD/SUBTRACT bookkeeping columns.

Change, delete, add, insert, move, copy (chàracters/lines/blocks) of text fast.

SELECT: margins, page length, number ôf copies, tabs, center lines / page, line spacing and LEGAL PAPER LINE NUMBERING.

MODEL I users get: Model III shift key controlled upper / lower case letters!!

EASIER to USE than other systems. Only 8 keys control 96% of the LW features!!

TRY a LW for 3 MONTHS. If not satisfied return it. We will refund all but $3.50 to cover postage / handling. IF YOU CAN NOT RETURN IT, DO NOT BUY IT.

C. A. of N. Y. ratés his LW purchase as "one of the best buys I have made. "1

TAPE 16K Model I/III systems $23.99 DISK 32K Model I/III systems $37.99

WE PAY : tax / US postage on ALL orders. SPECIALS

Verbatim MD525 01 disks: Microsette CIO tape+box:

5905 atone Hill Dr.

24 HOUR Computer Phone (916) 624-3709

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