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This friendly, easy to use version of Standard Pascal, as reviewed in the December 1981 Byte, is now even belter! New version works on TRS-80 Model I and Model III, under TRS-DOS, NewDOS, NewDOS 80, DOSPlus, LDOS, and DoubleDOS. An author package allows you to create your own /CMD files without any royalty payments! Upper and lower case is fully supported. You can protect memory and call machine language programs. New extensions include SET, RESET, POINT, RND, and the UCSD Include procedure. Utilities are provided to convert to and from ASCII files. Pascal 80 now comes in a binder with an 80 page manual by George Blank,

With monitor, editor, and compiler in memory at the same time, no other Pascal is easier to learn! One college found that it could teach half again as many students on the same number of computers after switching from UCSD Pascal to Pascal 80.

Full 14 digit accuracy on all math functions, including log and trig functions, makes this a serious Pascal, Disk file handling is supported, with a mail list program included as a demonstration.

Upgrades are available for those who bought Ramware Pascal 80. Call or write for information.

Send $101 (includes shipping) to: New Classic Software k 239 Fox Hill Ruad, B

O Denville, NJ 07834

Credit card orders: (201) 625-8838

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