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Bob Snapp don't think that Tandy is doing as well as they could in marketing, but I do like the package.

Q. What things do you see coming in the microcomputer field that personally excite you?

A. The Model 16. I'm really excited about the Motorola MC68000. It's the most fascinating thing to come about in years. I cut my teeth on the IBM 370s and when you read the technical specifications on the 68000 it looks just like a 370. It's incredible.

Q. Do you think that the Radio Shack implementation of the 68000 is well done?

A. I have not studied the hardware. I've heard some tales that it may not be as good as it could.

Q. Is Snappware going to be working on the Model 16?

A. Absolutely.

Q. Operating systems?

Q. Languages?

A. We might offer a BASIC

interpreter for the Model 16 with the facilities and features that people have become accustomed to with our current product lines. We have not yet made a decision of whether we are going to aftermarket a Tandy offering or one of our own. But there will definitely be some offerings.

Q. The micro industry is pretty young and it's done some very good things and some questionable things as it grows. Do you have any pet peeves? Are there specific problems that you feel need to be addressed?

A. There are a lot of rip-offs in this industry and it grieves me because most of the aftermarket merchandise is sold by mail order. It puts a big black eye on the entire industry and once burnt, twice shy. It hurts all of us.

Q. Do you have any suggestions to the user about how he can protect himself?

A. Use credit cards. Back out of credit transactions if you've been cheated. I don't really know what else to suggest, even COD doesn't guarantee that you are going to get something of value. It just guarantees you're going to get a package.

Q. It seems like every month you can read a story either about machine compatibility or software protection and piracy. Do you have any views on either topic?

A. I'll start with the second one. As a software vendor, I'm deeply concerned about protection and piracy. I don't know what the answer is and I know that there is a lot of piracy that goes on. I'd like to see it stopped.

We've put some barriers in our product that makes it more difficult to steal than most. But it's still going to be true for a long, long time that anything a clever programmer can do to lock-up software, another equally clever programmer can undo.

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