UPPER/lowercase, full time from power-up; NO software; Standard typewriter keyboard operation (shift to UPPERCASE); Control characters can be displayed; 128 Total character set plus full graphics. ELECTRONIC SHIFT-LOCK

No extra keys or switches. Simply tap either shift key. UPPERCASE lock, normal shift unlocks.

DE-B-B-BOUNCE At no extra cost

(At your option) BLOCK CURSOR If you like (Nochg) SWITCHABLE from key board

"THE PATCH" is covered with a one year limited warranty on materials and workmanship. (Does void Radio Shack's 90 day warranty.)


is a trademark of

"THE PATCH" is compatible with any word processor, any DOS and also other languages which use ROM subroutines. Assembled and tested. .$ 127.00 "THE PATCH" unit plugs into the ROM sockets (does not replace existing ROM). Lowercase does require installation of the extra video ROM (supplied with "THE PATCH").

Detailed instructions guide even the most inexperienced owner to complete installation in about 30 minutes. WHEN ORDERING SPECIFY: "Mem Size" □ "Memory Size" □ And your choice of any/all options.

To order, send payment plus $2.00 shipping and handling Texas residents add 5% sales tax/


"Mem Size" □ "Memory Size*' □ Any your choice of any/all options

To order, send payment plus $2.00 shipping and handling. Texas residents add 5% sales tax.

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