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MAILROOM PLUS is an incredibly versatile mailing list program designed for the TRS 80 Model I III. The MAILROOM PLUS program gives you all (lie luiuttuiv. required of a basic mailing list program, and then goes far beyond- thai MAILROOM PLUS is supported-by several optional programs packages whitli lake your already poweiful mailing list system and give II capabilities c omparable lo much larger computers. We called many companies who maintain mailing lists prolessionally, and none of them could provide more versatility ihan you can achieve with MAILROOM PLUS. You don't have lo be a computet genius ir> le.un how to operate it either. • .



* Mippoi is luui line l.ihel entry plus telephone, special sean, h t odesm uumheis and atldiiional s.iles data 01 comments

* Soits on any pait of (lie retold, either zip. lasl name, sales daia m oihei enii\ ■A Allows you to examine and delete duplicate letoids

* I'nnts oi displays on multiple se.tich < odes Mail to eKa< t > ustoi.ner. , 10 second 01 less, lasl mac bine language soil

* Sean h arid then display, edit or print recoids

* I'iiih ouuiny oi ait it-Coid ItleSitn your disk with no opeialoi imei veniion oiliei Ihan i hanging disks . • .

* Convert yoii't old file* to MAILROOM PLUS

* Doi umenied to allow special usei modification


Ixai tly I lie same as MAILROOM PLUS cm ept lecoi d euiiy is a lour line label I ust line is optional oil punting and can also be iwhIIoi searchor Son codes, 01 inloimaiiun


Allows you lo pi hu out any 01 all MAILROOM PLUS 01 FASTMAII iles in bulk mail oidei Select liom oneoi many seau h codes loi what let olds I hi • pi ogi am si« mid select anil punt on Saves money on large mailings by piesoiling


Allows you lo manipulate your address records in special ways. 100 s 01 1000's ol new names onto youi master records in zip code order and delete duplicates, with little opeiator handling. Split files which need to be sepaialed or have become too large. Print out the number of records in any or all of your hies,


- With this programyouxan enter all address corrections at one sitting and then the program will automatically find and replace the olderrecords. All you do is switch* the disks


The MAILROOM PLUS program, plus the three additional utility piogiams the package comes in a handsome binder and bought separately, the programs would cost $ 18S.00, without the binder.


The same as the package above, but with FASTMAIL. Comes in a handsome bindei

FORMLET $20.00

FORMLET is a .simple wordprocessing program which allows you to compile and print a specialized formletter. addressing each one using MAILROOM PLUS or FASTMAIL files. Veiy useful

.Contains-everything: .you need to .convert: your TRS-80 (o upper/lower case Compatible with Scripsit

If you currently have-files on another mailing list system, let us know what program they run on and, we will supply a conversion program with your purchase at no charge. There are many more benefits to these programs than we have room to I ell ypu here. Check your reader service card for information; or write us and we will send it to you. 5end'$5.00 lor complete documentation on the entire system Master Charge and Visa welcome. Add 4% on all orders (or shipping and handling.

• - Available from your local dealei or:

THE PERIPHERAL PEOPLE 206-236-2066 P.O. BOX 21 123 SEATTLE, WA 981 I I

gyn window. I now had the 8y2 by 11 sheet stuck under the contact sheet.

Using the razor, I made a cut starting at the lower left corner of the paper (see Figure 2). I cut a giant upside down "U," leaving only a a/4-inch border on both sides and the top of the 8y2 by 11 sheet. I now had a hole in the contact paper.

Figure 3

Shaded portion was removed

Then came the tough part. I peeled the contact paper back off the glass and stuck it very carefully to the two sheets of tractor paper.

Turning the "sandwich" over, I used the little strips I had left over to reinforce the sprocket holes on the reverse side.

Using a 3/16-inch hole punch, I punched the contact paper which was on both sides of the sprocket holes.

Done! I now had a carrier that allowed me to print on any standard size piece of paper ... like my letterhead. All except, that is, for the % of an inch at the top and sides of the sheet. (Who prints there anyway?)

Figure 4

A side view

Contact paper

/^8y2" x 11" sheet -"in —-""f^U" shape only)

Tractor paper Strips of contact paper reinforcing sprocket holes

I slipped my paper into the carrier and placed it in the printer as I would any other piece of tractor paper.

Is it durable? I have two years of almost daily use on it. It still works like the day I made it. I suppose that if I were a businessman, I would market this gadget for five or ten dollars ... a nice return on the eighty cents the materials cost! ■

Tips and tricks

Automatic program dating

Models I/III, PMC-80, LNW80

Tim Bowman, Spokane, WA

following the heading and combine lines 30-80 into one long line. If the program is not sufficiently debugged to run, I insert a STOP line after the date routine and RUN the program. This updates the time before a listing is made or the program is saved.

This technique can be so helpful that you might want to add it to Spencer Hall's Z-Language (80- U.S., Jan. 82), and call it up by means of a simple GOSUB.

Listing 1 Auto Dating

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