The Lowest Priced

5) BASIC checks for active "DO"

6) Backup and Format from a "DO" file

7) Much improved Backup (More reliable)

8) I/O package much faster (disk access time reduced)

9) Repeat last DOS command with "/" ENTER

10) Short directory (file name and extension) available

11) Short directory of Model III TRSDOS disks

12) Single file convert from Model III TRSDOS

13) COMPLETE device routing supported (DOS and BASIC)

14) Ability to save BASIC programs directly to another machines' memory (if equipped with Dosplus 3.4)

• Plus many more improvements

• Includes the new expanded easy read 200 + page user's guide

• Also includes the new DOSPLUS Z80 disk basic VER1.6 Upgrade your 3.3 to 3.4 capability, only $49.95

The first in the industry backed by a lifetime warranty.

"Lifetime warranty to original owner on original media.

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