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TRS-80 Model I /111

STRETCH SUPERSTEP: New third generation Z80 simulator is the leading element of the Software CPU design base. Animated Z80 Programming Models. Intelligent RAM Window, scrolling disassembler are now extended. New modules are FLTCUR 2-D byte oriented editor with full floating cursor and auto-repeat plus innovative BUFSTF user-defined buffer/window setup for flexible skeleton program views Use BUFSTF to view large amounts of disassembled code, isolate all instances of selected instructions in several formats, more Gather instruction frequency counts in straight-line or program-flow order for sophisticated analysis of subject programs and Z80 resource use. Many formatted transparent printer options, including screen pix and instruction-by-instruction tabular listing of all active machine aspects Pictorial manual gives easy intro to program operation. Nothing newer for byte-entry, debugging and analysis ol Z80 machine language programs $39 95 + $2 00 shipping

EMU 02e: Detailed instruction-level 6502 simulator with animated before/after 6502 Programming Models (registers, flags and stack) and scrolling instruction stream disassembler active in Single-step and 4-speed TRACE modes, also special high speed interpreter running over 5% actual 1 mhz 6502 processor speed. Have a 6502 without having a 6502. find out why the 6502 brain was picked by Apple PET Atari arcade machines etc $29 95 + $2 00 shipping

BALCODE 80A: Highly interesting mid-level language for TRS-80 Model I IBM's BAL (Basic Assembler Language) is an idealized machine instruction set currently in use on the IBM 360/370 BALCODE 80A implements an extended BAL subset via a text editor and macro assembler, you write in BAL with 20 p-registers (16 general purpose 4 floating point) and powerful addressing modes then assemble to fast Z80 code. Hands on introduction to BAL, source programs are highly portable to make your TRS-80 an IBM workalike! Includes 106 page IBM reference publication describing BAL From Baleode Software $79.00 + $3 00 shipping

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