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A powerful utility for editing BASIC programs. Allows full-screen, word processor--type editing to save you time and frustration. This machine language program loads into upper, protected memory and is invisible until invoked from the keyboard.

EDIT uses a command structure similar.to the popular SCR I PS IT word processor, so it is easy to use right away. Block and global commands are supported, so deletions, replacements and other changes to the entire program are extremely easy to do.

16-48K relocatable tape for tape or disk systems... $39. 95

By Andrew P. Bartorillo from Acorn A complete management tool for the home budget, it accurately keeps track of your checkbook and provides an easy method of budget allocation. You can store information on up to 100 checkbook entries per month (250 with 48K), specify any automatic withdrawals, keep records of tax-deductibles, and record expenses by category. You can even break up charge account payments into the proper categories.

Prices Subiect to Change

By Roy Soltoff from Misosys 6 Acorn A two-pass disassembler for TRS-80 that converts machine code to Z-80 assembly language listings. DISASSEMBLER produces symbolic labels with output to video, printer or tape (or disk in version 2 only). Radio Shack's Editor/Assembler will read and load the tapes for easy modification and reassembly. Extend the capabilities of Editor/Assembler with this utility. On tape for two different memory locations.

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