Compiler Workstation

TRS-80 Model I and III

Your BASIC program development could go faster...

EDIT: Full-Screen BASIC editor with floating cursor and auto-repeat More than 30 commands and functions let you variously find change, insert delete, replace replicate copy move or position BASIC text at the character, string line or block level Developed in Britain by Southern Software Modi III $40 00 + 1 50 shipping

PACKER: (Cottage Software) Editing tool will unpack, shorten repack renumber all or part ol your BASIC text The UNPACK segment is very useful when preparing BASIC source programs for compilation by ACCEL2 Mod I III $29 95 + 1 00 shipping

Then your BASIC program could go faster...

ACCEL2: Compiler for TRS-80 Mod I Mod III Disk BASIC New functional improvements in place to give more ease-of-use quicker compilation of large programs, better chaining of compiled and non-compiled programs Size read-out helps you monitor code growth during compilation REM NOARRAY option lets you use variable-bound arrays Professionals note Comprehensive instructions show how to organize your compiled programs for resale on tape, ES/F wafer or disk No royallies! Developed in Britain by Southern Software Specify Mod lor III. $88 95 +$2 00 shipping

TSAVE: Writes compiler output to independent SYSTEM tape $9 95 +$1 00 shipping

• EXEC: Command-List Processor for TRS-80 Mod I Prepare.

• execute, pass as many as nine parameters to lists of TRSDOS ® or NEWDOS commands and/or BASIC statements Simplifies 5 repetitive procedures such as power-up sequences file set-2 ups etc Compatible with ACCEL2 compiler disk output. 2 Developed in Britain by Southern Software '$22 00 + $1.00 A shipping

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