Color Computer

PACKET MAN By Greg Zumwalt

Packet Man stands alone against three Munch-kins that begin their attack from the central "Munchkin house." You must guide Packet Man with your joystick to eat all the little dots in the maze without being munched by the Munchkins. As your skill improves, so does that of the munchkins, so watch out! Tape.. .$24.95

COLOR METEOROIDS From Spectral Associates

An exciting, high resolution skill game, based on the popular "Asteroids" arcade game. "Fly" your spacecraft with the joystick, avoiding and shooting the meteoroids. Shooting large meteoroids breaks them up into smaller ones, so the screen fills in a hurry! Tape.. .$21.95

COLOR SPACE INVADERS From Spectral Associates

All the features of this classic arcade game, plus some exciting new ones: A mobile defense shield helps you fight the alien bombs, and a mystery invader from hyperspace that randomly appears and disappears. Faster and faster the aliens move and drop their bombs. Can you save Earth from their attack?

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