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The fastest growing producer of computer games for your 6809 has the products you have waited for!!



Dynamite sound effects • Runs in 16K of memory These games will astonish you with their Detail and Quality. They set a standard for others to follow.

— ADVENTURES — Calixto Island •àlu Hack Sanctum

Highly acclaimed by reviewers • Challenging situations Fast, efficient machine language ® Runs in 16K of memory Save game in progress

Adventures on 5'/< TSC FLEX disc (specify 6800 or 6809)

Both adventures on single disc

Adventures for color computer

Color Berserk for color computer

Cave Hunter for color computer

Shipped prepaid in continental U S California reside ea $24 95 . . .539 95 ea $19 95 ea $24 95 ea $24 95

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