Complete Professional Quality Pascal Foe The

Pascal Features

1. A complete Jensen and Wirth Standard Pascal

2. Produces compact efficient code that executes 10-20 times faster than interpreted BASIC

3. Generates reentrant Romable code

4. Can compile large programs (4Q00 lines +)

5. Fast one pass compiler

6. Simple commands for compiling and running programs

7. Supports separate compilation of procedures and functions

8. Compiler switch options, including conditional compilation

9. Full heap support including NEW and DISPOSE procedures that perform true heap allocation

10. Complete implementation of sets with up to 256 members. All standard set operators

11. Variant records are fully supported

12. Supports single and double precision REAL

13. Files are compatible with TRSDOS


14. OTHERWISE clause on case statements

15. Identifiers may contain '$' and '—' characters

16. Automatic type conversion in arithmetic expressions and assignment statements

17. Constants may be expressed in decimal or hexadecimal

18. Characters within strings may be specified by ascii code. Allows non-printable characters in strings.

19. Type transfer operator to override type matching requirements

20. ESCAPE allows exit from anywhere in a procedure

21. LOCATION function returns the address of a variable

22. SIZE function returns the amount of memory required for a variable

TRS-80 Library

23. Graphics routines (setpoint, cleargraphics )

24. Interface to assembly ianguage routines with parameter passing •Can call operating system and ROM routines

•Memory may be protected from Pascal for use by assembly language routines.

25. Read keyboard (scan or wait for character)

26. Input and output to 10 ports from pascal

29. Programs may perform their own recovery from file and device errors

30. File or device names tor Pascal files are determined from the keyboard'when a program is executed. Alternatively a program may internally specify file names.

Full Screen Text Editor

31. Included with Pascal or available separately

32. No limit on file size (except disk capacity)

33. Full cursor movement and scrolling

34. Insert and delete characters

35. Insert, delete, duplicate, split, merge lines

36. Find string, replace string

37. Typewriter style tabs and autoindent

38. Show file, Insert file

39. Horizontal scrolling allows editing of files containing lines wider than the screen

40. Key and command mode access to commands

41. On-line documentation with HELP command

42. Files are compatible with TRSDOS

43. Can also edit text and BASIC programs

44. Many additional features

The Best of Both Worlds

45. Pseudocode (Pcode) for compactness •Allows large programs in small memory space

(8500 line + programs can execute in 48k)

46. Native code for speed

•Optional code generator produces Z80 instructions •Z80 code can be mixed with Pcode

TRS-80 is a trademark of Tandy Corporation

CP/M is a trademark ot Digital Resoarch, Inc.

Z80 is a trademark ol Zltog, Inc.

IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines

Z89 Is a trademark o! Zenith data systoms

Linking Loader

47. Links separately compiled routines

48. Supports procedure and function libraries

49. Can create command files that are callable as commands from TRSDOS top level

250 Page Documentation Package

50. Beginner's guide

51. Pascal Tutorial with 500 line Data Base program, (source supplied on diskette)

52. Pascal Reference Manual

53. System Implementation Manual

54. Text Editor Manual

55. Handy System Reference Card

56. Cross reference index for documentation package

Optional Advanced Bevelojpgiie&rst Package

57. Pcode optimizer

•Reduces the size of a program by 25-30% •Increases execution speed

58. Z80 native code generator

•Produces relocatable, reentrant native code for the Z80 •Native code executes 3-5 times faster than Pcode. •Native code can be mixed with Pcode to provide speed where required and still benefit from the compactness of Pcode

Hardware Required

TRS-80 model I; TRS-80 model III; or CP/M system (with Z80) 48k of memory

One disk drive (two recommended)

TRS-80 version compatible with TRSDOS and most other operating systems.

Special discounts for purchase of Model I & III versions together. Available directly or through authorized dealers.

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