with the eraser, and then the Goldplugs are soldered in place.

Do the Goldplug 80's work? I installed them about a month ago, and have not had a single glitch, which is unusual for my computer. The friend who gold-plated his machines reports 100% reliability with his method also. In fact, he reports that there was a one-volt increase in signal amplitude on the floppy disk signal lines after gold plating. Gold plating the contacts is apparently the way to go!

Since the edge connectors are soldered surfaces, very little solder has to be applied to the connectors. Before you reassemble the computer, check to make sure that there are no shorts between pins of the connectors.

Are the Goldplugs for everyone? It depends. Before deciding to install the Goldplugs, consider this: if you make a mistake and damage your computer, it is probably going to cost a lot to have it repaired. Also consider, if you install these connectors, you have voided the limited warranty. It would probably be safe to say that 95% of all Model I keyboards are out of warranty. However, there is another problem with out of warranty repairs. Radio

Shack does not like unauthorized modifications. If your unmodified machine were to develop a severe problem that a simple diagnostic would not detect, the normal practice is to exchange the entire circuit board for a nominal fee. In the case of a modified board, Radio Shack will exchange the board, but at the full replacement cost. Fortunately, the Goldplugs are removable by simply unsoldering them. For me, they were the answer to a problem that had been plaguing me for some time. The company also sells Goldplugs for the disk port, printer port, screen printer port and RS-232 port for $9.95 each. A complete set of all six plugs is $54.95 @

Jim Klaproth

° Run on 16K or Larger DOS systems

• Documentation Included.

® Must be converted for Mod. Ill

• Various program Methods for study

• Check inputs; if OK, print, else easy to correct before printing

• Our Third Year of Tax Service

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