Single Step Through Ram Or

STEP80 allows you to step through any machine language program one instruction at a time, and see the address, hexadecimal value, Zilog mnemonic, register contents, and step count for each instruction. The top 14 lines of the video screen are left unaltered so that the target program may perform its display functions unobstructed. STEP80 will follow program flow right into the ROMs, and is an invaluable aid in learning how the ROM routines function Commands include step (trace), disassemble, run in,step mode at variable step rate, display or alter memory or CPU registers, jump to memory location, execute a CALL, set breakpoints in RAM or ROM, write SYSTEM tapes, and relocate to any page in RAM, The display may also be routed to your line printer through the device control block so custom print drivers are automatically supported. Specify Model I or Model III. STEP80 $16.95

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