OMNITERM is a professional communications package for the TRS-80 that allows you to easily communicate and transfer files or programs with almost any other computer. We've never found a computer that OMNITERM can't work with. It's a complete package because it includes not only the terminal program itself, but also conversion utilities, a text editor, special configuration files, serious documentation and serious support.

Why do I need it?

You need OMNITERM if you need to communicate efficiently with many different computers, or if you want to customize your TRS-80 for use with one particular computer. You need OMNITERM to SOLVE your communications problems once and for all.

What do I get?

The OMNITERM package includes the OMNITERM terminal program, four conversion utilities, a text editor, and setting files for use with popular computers such as CompuServe, the Source, and Dow Jones — just as samples of what you can

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The ULTIMATE TRS-80 Terminal Package do for the computer you want to work with. The package includes six programs, seven data files, and real documentation: a 76-page manual that has been called "the best in the Industry." And OMNITERM comes with real user support. We can be reached via CompuServe, Source, phone, or mail to promptly answer your questions about using

What do I need to use OMNITERM?

A Model I or Model III TRS-80, at least 32K of memory, one disk, and the RS-232 interface. OMNITERM works with all ROMs and DOSes, and will work with your special keyboard drivers.

What will it do?

OMNITERM allows you to translate any character going to any device: printer, screen, disk, keyboard, or communications line, giving you complete control and allowing you to redefine the character sets of all devices. It will let you transfer data, and run your printer while connected for a record of everything that happens. OMNITERM can reformat your screen so that 80,32, or 40 column lines are easy to read and look neat on your TRS-80 screen. It even lets you get on remote computers with just one keystroke! The program lets you send special characters, echo characters, count UART errors, configure your UART, send True Breaks and use lower case. It accepts VIDEOTEX codes, giving you full cursor control. It will even let you review text that has scrolled off the screen! Best of all, OMNITERM will save aspecial file with all your changes so you can quickly use OMNITERM for any one of many different computers by loading the proper file. It's easy to use since it's menu driven, and gives you a full status display so you can examine and change everything. "OMNITERM has my vote as the top TRS-80 terminal program available today" Kilobaud Microcomputing, June 1981, pages 16-19.

OMNITERM is $95 (plus shipping if COD) Call for 24 hour shipment. Manual alone $15, applied toward complete package. Visa, M/C, and COD accepted. MA residents add 5% tax. Dealer inquiries invited.

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