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1306 S. 56th Street Tacoma, Washington 98408 (206) 473-4704 TELEDEX

This is a sophisticated telephone index system capable of manipulating and storing an unlimited number of listings. Uses a fast machine language sort for alphabetized lists. Excellent for business or home use.

A collection of ten useful and popular programs which may stand alone or be used as subroutines in a main program. These were chosen for their usefulness and ability to demonstrate certain programming techniques on the Color computer. Excellent as an educational tool.

Model I/III or Color 16K/Ext BASIC - $14.95 LIBRARY-20

A collection of 20 educational and business applications programs. Solve investment problems involving compound interest, help your child with math homework problems or administer spelling lessons. Many useful programs to solve regular household problems as well.

Model I/III or Color 16K/Ext BASIC - $19.95 LIBRARY-50

An extensive collection of 50 useful, educational and business programs designed to aid the student, homeowner, business person and educator alike. Includes programs for math, spelling, investment analysis, mail list handling and personal applications. SUPER VALUE.

Model I/III or Color 16K/Ext BASIC - $39.95 STARFIGHTER from ADVENTURE INTERNATIONAL STARF1GHTER is a multiple skill level game with razor sharp graphics and sounds that will return its cost a hundredfold in sheer enjoyment. The STARFIGHTER package includes two program tapes or one self-booting diskette, and an extremely detailed 32 page manual.

TRS-80 16K Tape for Models I/III - $24.95 TRS-80 32K Disk for Models I/III - $24.95

PU'ase add $1.50 per order for postage and handling TRS-80 is a IrademarU of the Tandv Corporation


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