location of puppet first three characters o: three character abbreviation of all items in adventure (nouns) locations of all items in adventure number nf itppi^ nimnpf is carrying verb X&4]Dar^e4nrorrf ^ tl^^iKarcrctSY^ai^^ verbi

B(n)-G(n) transition arrays for all locations in adventure

C temporary variable used in clearing top of screen line that separates top of screen from bottom description of all locations in adventure outside = -1, inside = 0 entire command description of all items in adventure total number of treasures stored noun (separated from D$) total percentage of treasures stored obvious exits in present location temporary variable used in throw routine play again - "Y", end = "N" temporary variable used in noun recognition subroutine status of all items in adventure: invisible & immovable == 0, immovable = 1, visible & movable = 2 variable used in all FOR . . . NEXT loops

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