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This incredible program was written by a professional software consultant to TRW Space Systems. This is a complex program carefully human factored for easy use It is a comprehensive horse racing system for spotting overlays in thoroughbred sprint races. Your computer will accurately predict the win probability and odds line for each horse based on your entries from the racing form. The next day overlaid horses can be spotted on the track tote board. The user's manual contains a complete explanation of overlay betting plus much more useful information The appendix contains a detailed tab run of a 100 consecutive race system workout showing an amazing 50% return ($1 50 returned for each $1.00 flat wager ) Includes many features such as error correction, bubble sort, line printer output, automatic keyboard debounce, archiving, etc. The manual may be ordered separately for perusal for $7.95 and credit CHALLENGER 1P, 2P, or 4P 8K VERSIONS Now Available! Phd-1 User's manual and cassette for: Apple II (16K), TRS-80 Level II (16K), Challenger (8K) 29.95 TRS-80 or APPLE DISK 34.95

BRAND NEW FROM SDL: WIN AT THE RACES. This thoroughbred handicapping algorithm is based on a currently popular book on thoroughbred multiple regression techniques Both sprints and routes All of the features of PHD-1 plus more This program incorporates the best data entry technique we've ever seen 32K TRS-80 or APPLE CASSETTE 34 95

32K TRS-80 or APPLE DISK 39 95


Winning at the Races 21,95 + 75 P&H

Beating the Races with a Computer 14.95 + 75P&H

Make checks payable to JOE COMPUTER DEPT U 22713 Ventura Blvd., Suite F, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

CA residents add 6 % sales tax PHONE ORDERS: 213-992-0514 •SEND $2 00 TO PLACE YOUR NAME ON OUR MAILING LIST t TRS-80 is a registered trademark of Tandy Corporation

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