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This amazing program was written by a professional software consultant to TRW Space Systems and is being introduced by the publishers of Computers and Gambling Magazine. "PHDT is a large complex basic program requiring a full 16K It is carelully human factored for easy use. PHD-1 is a comprehensive horse racing system for spotting overlays in thoroughbred sprint races (less than 1 mile) You simply sit down with your computer and the Racing Form the night before the race and answer 5 or 6 questions about each horse's past performance Your computer then accurately predicts the win probability and odds-line tor each horse-allowing you to spot overlaid horses while at the track The users manual contains a complete explanation of overlay betting.

Statistics for thousands of horses were used to develop this handicapping system. The appendix of the manual contains a detailed tab run of a 100 consecutive race system workout showing an amazing 45% positive return (45$ for each $1.00 wagered) A graph is also included showing PHD-1 's close fit to the ideal predicted probability vs actual win percentage curve.

This program features □ Win probability and odds for each horse □ Verification display of each horse's parameters prior to entry for easy error correction □ Bubble-sort routine for final display DFacility for line printer output □ Cassette ARCHIVE routine to store PHD-1's output for later analysis □ Complete users manual

The user's manual may be ordered seperately for your purusal for $7 95 and will be credited if you purchase PHO-1 PHD-1 User's Manual and 16K Cassette for; Apple II Applesoft, Challenger (Specify Type),

Make checks payable to: Ca res add 6% JOE COMPUTER 22713 Ventura Blvd., Suite F, Woodland Hills, CA 91364 *BE A WINNER Get on the Computers and Gambling Products Magazine mailing list for $3 00 and receive available back issues, f TRS-80 is a registered trademark of Tandy Corporation.

[f 1 S fti ffl cjlurn your Editor Assembler into a disk package. This patch modifies EDTASM 1.1 & 1.2 under 32K TRSDOS, NEV/DOS, or V'lOS! Features? Add full disk I/O, block move, global change, printer pagination with optional prompting, sorted symbol table, display memory utilization, correct DEFM expansion, protect memory, and recover after BOOT. From within the EDTASM you will have DIR, KILL, & FREE. This package is a must for assembler programmers! Priced at $20.

dsmhli ii Complement your assembly language tools with this Z80 disassembler which produces screen, printer, or disk file output. A 2-pass process provides SYMBOLS for 16-bit address and 8-bit relative references. EQUates 6 ORG are generated. New version reads SYSTEM programs & displays load addresses. Priced at $20 for disk systems. A 16 K Tape Version (DSMBLR I) is ava i1ab1e for $15.

amdfila Now you can append 2 or more CMO files and/or SYSTEM tapes. Perform transfer to £ from disk/tape of SYSTEM/CMD modules with offset capabilities. Provides PATCH, TAPED ISK, 6 LMOFFSET capabilities as well as adds a few of its own. Get CMDFILE today! 16K req'd. $20.

riutfil All-purpose utility to examine, clear, initialize, move, and modify data in memory. Load, punch, verify SYSTEM tapes. Disk sector I/O. More! $20 (TUTIL, for the non-disk user available at $15).

MIS0SYS Department 5904 Edgehi I I Drive Alexandria, Va. 22303 703-960-2998

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