Minor Fund Raising

These projects require little or no work on the instructor's part, and can be run by students.

Each fall the school sponsors a carnival and fund raiser called an "Oktoberfest". During Oktoberfest weekend, we open up the computer room and sell game-time and specialized printouts for 500 to $2.00 each Students have written programs that will print out Biorhythms, posters, calendars, etc. A customer can play anything from Tic-Tac-Toe to Chess for 250 to $1.00 depending on the length of time to play During just one weekend we were able to raise about $200.00. There is almost no overhead and students are more than willing to man the "booth". In fact, for many students in programming there is nothing more appealing than to have access to the computers all day and night.

During the regular school day, the computers are used for instructional purposes. But we have found that after school many students want to play games on the machines. For 250, any student may play a game if the computer is free of programming students. During the course of one school year, we have been able to raise enough to pay for subscriptions to three computer magazines. The money also goes to buy other, more expensive games such as Sargon. Twenty-five cents is not much, but $2.50 per week does add up.

After discussing possible computer uses with other faculty, we found out that the school newspaper needed mailing labels printed for their subscribers. We have set up a subscriber file and now run off mailing labels for 30 each. This nets the department about $5.00 every two weeks. All data entry and processing is done by the students, it only took one hour to train students to run the program. We are now investigating setting up data files for other in-school needs. Even though the administration has access to outside computer services, smaller organizations within the school do not. Some potential

Cameron C Brown areas of service are mailings for the Senior class, accounts receivable for the annual, budget management for the student body, etc.

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