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by Torn Stibolt from Acorn

If you ever use the SYSTEM command, you should buy this two program package. These programs allow you to save any system format tape on tape or disk, plus offer several features for machine language programmers. Many two part, protected system tapes like Sargon II are not system format.

With FLEXL, which is one of the two programs, you can make back-uo copies of any system format tape. Most often a cassette that you make will load easier than an original. Plus you can find the filename on any system tape because it is displayed on the screen. And at any time you can stop the readinq of the tape by pressing <BREAK>.

For any machine language programmer, FLEXL offers the advantage of producing more efficient tapes than the assembler. Also, it is written to interface directly with monitor programs. And you can merge machine language tapes into one file.

Disk drive owners can use TDISK to save any system format tape onto disk. Adventure, Airaid, Ting-Tong, Editor Assembler and other proorams cannot normally be loaded to disk using TRSDOS. Nov;, TDISK allows you to save these programs onto disk. After DOS READY you will be able to simply type the filename and be up and running. It even loads non-contiguous tapes. TDISK will greatly increase the benefit of owning a disk drive.

And as a FREE BONUS, Acorn provides instructions on how to load MicroChess 1.5 onto disk.

Complete your system with the routines not found in either Level II or DOS for only $14.95. Order your System Savers, today!

by John Allen from Acorn Get your flipper fingers road/ action in this real-time, m.«cl language game. Lots of sound flashing graph-- s. speeds so anyone en v o r s i o n f e a t u r e s "Bermuda Squtire" ! l> rot'1'.: t C:d tape $14

from Sub-Logic

The wait is over. 3D graphics would seem impossible given the resolution of the TP.S-80. But wait till you see this package. Even if you don't order it, try to see this one.

First you must learn to fly using instruments, radar and the cockpit window view. While it is easy to take off, it is even easier to crash.

Once you have some air time, bomb the enemy fuel depot. They'll send five war planes after you. Each one maneuvers differently in dogfights. Good luck.

Level I and II $25.00


'^PiMAt from Programmer's Guild This machine .language adventuie is twisted! Around every turn death awaits. Be careful of what you touch. Disgusting room descriptions. For those who would like a ghoulish adventure. $14.95.

Also available from the

Programmer's Guild are two adventures written in BASIC: Spider Mountain and Lost Dutchman's Gold. $14.95 each.

All three on disk for $3 5.00

from Automated Simulations In this first Starquest you must save the prisoners of the evil High To11ah. There are both a different style of play and features than Dunjonquest, but similar floor graphics.


Rescue at Rigel $14.95 Temple of Apshai 24.95 Datestones of Ryn 14.95 Morloc's Tower 14.95


te ' J ' from Insiders Software Consultants

For t he learner or exuer t ! Thjs first of three volumes gives you vecsr, to over firy arithmetic, mathematical, and data conversion routines. Includes from Insiders Software Consultants

For the beginner or expert! '!'hj.s first of three volumes cives you access to over fifty arithmetic, mathematical, and data conversion routines. Includes sample programs, a disassembler proaran, and a commented listing of these P.O" rout i nes.

A memory map noting over 500 addresses is included. 1 St panes.

by John Blattner, PhD from Mumrord

Much to our surprise, this book THE E00F. are complimentary. The s is easy but packed with informât though there is no commented listing the RO". For both Disk and Level complete entry and exit information included for conversion, arithmc mathematical, keyboard, cassette video routines. Part two describes to link assembly language with BA

by Roy Soltoff from Misosys & Acorn This two pass, machine lanouage, disassembler produces symbolic la with output, to either the video morii printer or tape. Radio Shack's Fd Assembler can load the tapes. If own the Editor/Assembler, comolete package with this program. I'rogr tape for two di fferent memory locat Cassette version NOW only $14.95


48K with Disks - For Free!

Bellarmine Prep is a 900 student private school located in Tacoma, WA. As with all schools, sources of funds are scarce. Our Math Department operates on a very limited budget, but over the past two years we have been able to obtain four TRS-80 Level II computers; three of which are 4K and one is a 48K system, complete with two disk drives. Each computer is equiped with a printer and a serial interface

Our key to success has been to have the computers pay for themselves. The computers are used in six different fund raising activities. Some of the events are easy to run and others are major projects. The object of this report is to help other institutions obtain computer hardware for a minimal outlay of funds.

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