This is a computer-aided instruction (CAI) application. This interactive program enables the user to enter, edit and run a drill. Files of individual drills are maintained on cassette tapes.

The program demonstrates particularly well; The use of subroutines, dimensioned string and integer variables, the INKEY$ statement, and the organization of tape files. The interactive displays illustrate numerous mechanisms for formatting the video screen and organizing the keyboard input.


The program can be divided into nineteen subdivisions or modules. Module#1 initializes the program. Module#2 is the main or driver program and functions as the master traffic director. The remaining sixteen modules are subroutines, each of which are called by the GOSUB statement to perform specific tasks. Upon completion of the task the subroutine returns ultimately to the driver program.

Subroutines allow one to divide a program into a series of small independent tasks which may be developed and debugged independently. When properly constructed the number of GOTO statements is minimized. To facilitate clarity ideally there should be only one entrance and one exit from a subroutine.


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