Newspaper Group Wants Accounts

Receivable Program to handle Date, Code, Ad Size, Rate and Running Balance. Write C. Diggle, 2041 Wappoo Drive, P.O. Box 12110, Charleston, SC 29412. TRS-80 32K 2Disk. (070)

T.I. SILENT 700 TERMINALS (2). Both Units recently serviced by T.I.; both units have full keyboard and 80 column printer and include T.I. Technical/Maintenance Manual. $250.00 each, as is. Digital Designs, 11550 Piano Road, Dallas, T'X 75042, (214) 348-7207. (070)

STAR TREK 80. The First and Only StarTrekfor the 4K Level I TRS-80 Listing and instructions $4.50 Jon Waples, 70 Ives Road, East Greenwich, Rl 02818 (090)


Level I games from the author of Star Trek 80I Listing and instructions included. $4.50 for 1 program or $7.50 for both. Jon Waples, 70 Ives Road, East Greenwich, Rl 02818 (090)


Drives, Tractor Feed Line Printer II, Stand, System Desk, complete set of Manuals, supplies, programs. Further information furnished on request. Best offer over $4,000. (203) 735-8859.

From The Company That Brought You Adventure, by Scott Adams

We are now accepting TRS-80, Apple, and Atari software for review to manufacture under the Adventure International label. Join the fastest growing software company in the U.S. and enjoy a money paying hobby as well. Just send a machine readable copy of your program with documentation to: Adventure International, Box 3435, Longwood, Florida 32730

Machine language moduto« Ming with TBUG Super STEP: Single step/TRACE/Disassembler for TBUG; the successor of TSTEP with the features of EMU, and more! Variable speed TRACE mode lets you run any Z80 machine language program under total control, absolutely invaluable for analysis or debugging

• Disassembler posts Z80 mnemonic in scrolling field

• Single-stepper displays selectable before/after ZBO Programming Models, stack elements and flag status

• Variable speed TRACE mode animates Z80 Models and Disassembler under dynamic user control.

• Intelligent RAM Window Shows selected local RAM environments or user designated RAM area

° Foreground/background breakpoints

• Implicit keypad includes Backspace, Relative space, Block RAM displays, local editing, faster #P and #L, CLEAR, more

• Super TLEGS relocates for total address space access

Direct or single-step execution of CALLs and RSTs, fully independent display suppression, big booklet of instructions and examples. Super STEP is a ZBO Software CHJ'm 16K Level II TRS-80, TBUG required No. BL-0 $19 95

EMU 02: Software emulation of the 6502 microprocessor TBUG displays byte, EMU takes it from there Now you can write, debug and execute 6502 programs en your TRS-80. ® Disassembler posts 6502 mnemonic in scrolling field

• Single-stepper displays 6502 Processor Model, stack, flag status in before/after form.

• 4-Speed TRACE mode animates 6502 models, activates a keyboard scan port accessible to 6502 instructions o Fast interpretive RUN mode for rhealistic execution.

• Implicit keypad with Backspace, Relative space, more How to have a 6502 without having a 6502! Compare, contrast, learn a powerful programming language distinct from Z80 or BASIC, read Apple, PET code A 6502 Software CPU,m.

16K Level II TRS-80, TBUG required. No BL-1 $24.95

Super TLEGS: Onboard relocator for TBUG, TSTEP, Super STEP. 16K Level II TRS-80, TBUG required No, LL-0 $9 95

TSTEP: Single-stepper for TBUG, totally reifies your Z80 16K Level II TRS-80, TBUG required. No. LL-1 $11 95

Include .75 each % ALLEN GELDER SOFTWARE

postage, CA add 6% |L Box 11721 Main Post Office f\ San Francisco, CA 94101

0 TRS-80, TBUG tm Radio Shack/Tandy Corp ®

m Software CPU tm Allen Gelder Software •

0 0

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