Newtech Computer Systems, a leading manufacturer of music peripherals and software for S-100 and SS-50 computers, introduces The Music Box. The Music Box is a complete hardware/software tool that enables you to produce music and sound effects on your TRS-80. The Music Box plugs directly into the TRS-80 keyboard or the Expansion Interface Bus Extension. It includes a volume control, a 400 milliwatt power amp, and phono jack for easy connection to an external speaker. Software is supplied on Level II cassette. Requires a 32K Ram or larger Level II computer. $249 complete with software and users manual. Add $3 for shipping and $1 if COD. NEWTECH COMPUTER SYSTEMS, INC. 230 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (212) 625-6220.

TRS-80 Mod I computer users now have available a quality, low priced and dependable Payroll product for their systems. Small businesses may now utilize DATA TRAIN, INC's PAYROLL product for their dual minidisk, 32K, TRS-80 Mod I business system. Many years of experience in computer accounting products by DTI's staff is behind the PAYROLL and has resulted in a very user oriented, maintainable, and self-installable product. Non-technical Operator's Reference Manuals are provided with each product for instruction and reference. Price (user license) is $235. and the product is available fast from DTI stock. DATA TRAIN, INC. 840 NW 6th Street, Suite 3, Grants Pass, OR 97526, (503) 476-1467

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