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Yes, I want to know more about LOBO Drives and what they can do for my TRS-80. Send me information on:


□ 8-in. Winchester hard disk, 10 Mbyte drive

□ Double density expansion interface

□ 8-in. Floppy drive Single sided Double sided


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City State

Phone No.

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* TRS-80 is a registered trademark ot Radio Shack, a Tandy Company


A totally new concept in Name, Address and Telephone Number Data Base


For TRS-80* Model I and Model II!

"TRS-80 is a Trademark of Radio Shack, a Division of the Tandy Corp from

Galactic Software Ltd

Model I

only $99.00

Model II

only $199.00

Check these Features!

Model I

Under constant sort, both by Name and Zip!

Retrieve by any combination of 19 user codes!

Format your own labels, or use standard format.

Supports an 11 digit alphanumeric Zip!

Supports a "Message" line.

Complete, user-oriented documentation.

600 records per non-system disk, 300 with system.

Simple editing throughout.

32K and one or more drives required.

Company name and individual at company.

Name rotate, tab listing, and more!

Complete phone number and extension.

Model II

All the features of Model I plus

Machine Language Sort. 2500 names per disk! "Word processor" type input editing! 64K, Single drive required.

Constant sort by first and last name plus Zip code.

Dealer Inquires Invited


Acorn Software Products Inc 634 North Carolina Ave SE Washington, DC 20003 (202) 544-4259

Central Galactic Software Ltd 11520 North Port Washington Rd Mequon, Wl 53092 (414) 241-8030

West 80-Ü.S. Software 3838 South Warner Street Tacoma, WA 98409 (206) 475-2219

M Schmidt, Editor

A Printer Primer

Serial, Parallel, RS232 and all that

What can you use as a printer for your computer? Are you confused about all the terms - Serial, Parallel, RS 232 and all that? Shortly, we will tell you about first hand experience with several printers, but first we should talk about printers in general.

You probably know by now that your keyboard on the '80 is coded in ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange). This is a "standard" code, and is used on most computers and teletype equipment. The notable exception is IBM, who until recently have used what they call "correspondence code".

If the printer you intend to use has ASCII coding, you have already solved a problem because you will not have to make the conversion from ASCII to whatever other code. All you need then is a means to interface (connect together) your computer and the printer.

On the other hand, if the printer you intend to use does not have ASCII coding, you have two problems. First you will have to provide an interface, and then you will need to provide some software code conversion from ASCII to the code your printer requires.


The next question we need to consider is that of a parallel versus a serial connection between the printer and the computer. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Naturally, the one that will connect the easiest costs the most! Let's look at the serial printer interface first.

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