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"TRS-80 is a trademark o' Tandy Corporation

"Apple is a registered trademark of Apple Computer Co

'Atari is a registered trademark of Warner Communications

No matter what type of personal computer you have, or are thinking of buying, Eaton LRC's new 7000 + dot-matrix impact printer can be interfaced with plug-in simplicity and be printing in just a matter of seconds.

The 7000+ features uni-directional printing with a line speed of 1.25 lines per second. It accepts any single or two-ply paper roll from 3/4-inch to 3-7/8 inches wide and prints a 3-1/3 inch line. Capacity is adjustable and can be 40 columns at 12 characters to the inch using the single width font; or 20 columns at 6 characters to the inch using the double-width font. The 7000+ accepts the full ASCII character set (upper and lower case). An available option allows the unit to print 64 columns at the single width setting, and 32 columns using a double width font, selectable under software control. The new 7000+ comes equipped with Eaton LRC's newest printhead with a minimum life of 100-million characters. This new, long-life head has been carefully designed to print continuously without overheating.

APPLE cable $20

TRS-80 cable $20


Level II, 16K, no keypad $669



Percom, TFD-100,40-track (list $399) $389

Percom, Dual TFD-200's (list $1350) $1300


Percom Data Separator $29.95

ExtenderCard (list $15.95) $15


Centronics 730 (list $795) $719

Centronics 737 (list $995) $895

Centronics 753-2 (list $3196) $2695

Centronics 779-2 (list $1559) $ 995

RS Quick Printer II ($219) $197

RS Line Printer III (list $1960) $1813

NEC 5530 Spinwriter (list $2995) $2595


730 to TRS-80 cable $29

779 or 753 to TRS-80 cable $35

NEC 5530 to TRS-80 cable $35


Novation CAT Modem ($189.95) $179

UDS 103-LP $195

RS-232 C Interface Board (list $99) $89

TRS-232 Printer Interface $49.95

Data Dubber $49.95

16K Memory Kit, Keyboard $99

16K Memory Upgrade Kit, E.I $95

Percom Electric Crayon, w/cable $279.95

Busy Box $109.95

BSR X-10, Starter Kit $124.95

Co mm-80 Interface $179.95

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