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The program "DRILL PERIOD" is designed to be a memory improvement device which works by forcing you to drill on short words or phrases. The program remembers your mistakes and after a particular word has come up at leastfive times, it will come up more or less often depending on your answers.

Questions you fail to answer correctly will come up more often than those you get right every time so that you will be forced to drill more on those questions you don't know well. After a target percentage of correct answers is reached in each question, you will automatically be shown your score.

You may stop the drill at any time and see your score by typing ".STOP" (the period at the beginning is important to the program). You can also have the correct answer displayed by typing ".HELP", but be careful, asking for ".HELP"countsasa wrong answer!

To use the program, first select option 1 to create a drill. The program will ask for a drill name. This will be used to identify the drill on tape later. Then it will ask for the questions and the correct responses. When you are done, type "END" and you will be returned to the menu. A maximum of 40 questions and answers may be input. Depending on your memory availability, you may not get all 40 in before you run out of memory.

Before using the drill, it is best to save it on tape. The program uses a standard format which stores the drill name and number of questions at the beginning of a tape file. When you call in a file later, you may indicate a specific drill, in which case the program will search for it. Or, you can choose the default name (hit[ENTER]) and the next drill on tape will be loaded.

When you are ready with a newdrill, or one you have loaded, select 4 to commence the drill session. After some basic instructions, the program will ask if you want the questions and answers mixed? Answer Y or N. If you answer Y, then you will be given the questions sometimes and the answers others You must give the correct answer (or question) GOOD LUCK!

For Level II 16K and hp

T R Dettmann, Kirkiand, WA

Our ANATOMY is on this program, see page 54.

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