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(a Home Office Record Keeping System)

HORKS stands for Home Office Record Keeping System. It is a Disk based system which will store entries, sort by user assigned codes, print various reports and in general, maintain financial records for home or small business use.

HORKS will work with a 32 or 48K Model I system with one to four drives, with or without a printer.

The program allows an unlimited number of file sets, up to 33 account codes per credit or debit file, and up to 2000 audit entries. It provides three summaries: Total, monthly and account. It allows changing or deleting with automatic entry of such changes in an audit file. It also provides for a profit/loss statement and includes a "search with totals" capability.

HORKS is a single program which creates several files during its operation. The first file is called a "parameter" file, used to set and name the other files in the system. The audit file is created automatically (you can't cheat), and all changes or deletes are automatically kept track of in this file.

The system also has the ability to link files. This is a very good feature, since loading and handling large files can be time consuming. It allows one to work with smaller files, and then link them only once, later.

The Search feature allows you to do several tasks with the credit, debit or both files. You may search for a particular item by description or by only a part of the description. You may also elect to totalize the particular entries or not. Depending on how you set up the files, thisfunction will allow you to do a general ledger function.

The functions available are: Debit Summary

Credit Summary Debit or Credit Change Delete or Change Entry Profit/Loss Statement Audit file Read/Print Parameter File Search

The program is quite easy to run and to get accustomed to. There was only one place where a little more clarity would be helpful (until you get used to it). This is a display on the screen, after which the program asks; CORRECT (Y/N)?. Does this mean "is it correct?" or "do you want to correct?". In this program it means: "is is correct?".

All in all, a nice program to work with. It runs clean, reasonably fast, and the documentation which accompanies it is well thought out and adequate.

HORKS is available from EDU-WARE PO Box 336, Maynard, MA 01754 for $24.95 on cassette, or $29.95 on diskette.

Game Reviews repeat after ME

by James Talley

"Repeat After Me" is the latest addition to the fine programs that James Talley has written. Based on the popular game called "Simon", Repeat After Me is basically a little bit of a memory teaser. Now, I personally don't care for these types of games as I have found my memory to be lessthan perfect, and it tends to be a little frustrating. Nevertheless, I continued playing the game and found the graphics display and the sound to be surperb and definitely worth the frustration.

A charming character who resembles the famed "Yosemite Sam" enters the screen and whistles his rendition of "Dixie", then informs you that he will whistle a number which is displayed on the screen. It is up to you to repeat those numbers in the proper sequence.

There are five levels of play, 1 being the slowest and 5 the fastest. The object, of course, is to repeat as many of the numbers in a sequence as your memory will allow.

The pacing is good, the game itself is fair and the graphics and sound are great.

Repeat After Me is available on cassette for $9.95 from 80-U.S. Software, 3838 South Warner St., Tacoma, WA 98409

C Shappee

INVADER L2 16K cassette $14.95 ANIMATED HANGMAN L2 1 6K $9.50 CREATURE TIC TAC TOE L2 16K $9.50

Level IV Products 32238 Schoolcraft, Livonia, Ml 48154 Reviews by T R Dettmann

When the TRS-80 first was introduced, there was very little software, most of the users of the system were very unsophisticated, and all there was to do was play games. Over the past two years this has all changed.

Because of the popularity of the TRS-80 Model I, there is probably more software available than for any other machine, and much of it is for very serious applications.

Users have improved also. No longer are we a bunch of Hicks in from the farm, dazzled by the pretty lights and hanging on every word of the Radio Shack salesman with their plaid jackets and smooth tongues (only owned by a little old lady from Pasadena who used it on Sundays, indeed!!!!). Users are now asking better questions from their dealers and looking for more from their software.

Two years ago, almost any kind of software would sell, and in fact nearly everything did. I can't begin to say how many versions of the same old games we saw here at 80-U.S., but it was WAY too many! As users have become more critical, most of the games have fallen by the wayside.

Now, only the best games survive in the market place. That's why I expect that these three games will be around for awhile. Each game provides the kind of graphic and sound effects pioneered by our own Leo Christofferson.

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