Every Byte Count


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For Model II $119.80

For Model II $29.95

Includes MTC QUE Card!

Having trouble with RANDOM FILES? With MTC's Table-Driven Access Method (TDAM) you'll never fret over FIELDing again. No knowledge of random access files is required. Insert the TDAM "interpreter" into any BASIC program and type in a few DATA statements describing the information in your files. TDAM does the rest! Reads and writes fields and records of any type (even compresses a DATE field into 3 bytes!). Features automatic file buffer allocation/deallocation, memory buffering, sub-record blocking/deblocking, and handles up to 255 fields per record. Super fast and super simple! Complete with TDAM interpreter, instructions and demo program.

SIFTER $19.95

For Model II $29.95

Twelve in-memory high-speed sorts for use in any BASIC program: stable, non-stable, with/without tags, for numeric or string data. Random File Sort included. Some sorts written in machine code. Includes sort subroutines, demo programs and instructions. Relocate as needed with REBUILD.

SHRINK $19.95

For Model II $29.95

Makes Every Byte Count!. Make programs smaller and faster! Combines lines & removes unnecessary code including remarks, without altering program operation. Typically reduces program size 25% to 40%.

DIVERGE $19.95

For Model II $29.95

Compares two BASIC program files, showing the differences between them. Identifies & lists lines which have been inserted, deleted, & replaced. Use for version control.


For Model II $29.95

A "must have" for the professional programmer or the serious amateur. Probably one of the greatest time-savers available. Write programs in shorthand - change variable names - generate program documentation - use with REBUILD and MINGLE to build new programs from old ones.

REBUILD $19.95

For Model II $29.95

Reorganize programs for adding program code, faster execution, readability. Much more than simple renumbering. Rearrange groups of statements within a program - automatically updates references to line numbers. Use with SUPERSEDE and MINGLE for maximum effect.

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