by Roy Soltoff from Misosys & Acorn

This two-pass Z-80 disassembler produces symbolic labels with output to either the video monitor, printer or tape. Radio Shack's Editor / Assembler can load the tapes. If you own the Editor/Assembler, complete the package with this program. Program on tape for two different memory locations. Cassette version NOW only $14.95 Version which creates disk files $19.95 □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□aaDannaanonnoacio ° THE PROGRAM STORE ' '

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MAPPER II is like MAPPER I, but is installed in the expansion interface. When the expansion interface is opened, the OMIKRON instructions clearly show where the DISK CONTROLLER chip is located. This chip is removed; MAPPER II inserted; the disk controller chip placed on the MAPPER II; two "pinch" connections; pull the other end of the connector through the opening where the interface cable is connected, close the expansion interface, connect the MAPPER connection wire, connect the interface cable and you are READY to connect the disk drives.

In the system I purchased, I requested OMIKRON to designate drives A and B to be mini drives and drives C and D to be 8 inch drives. OMIKRON will sell the hardware (which I found out long ago that it's best to buy from the guy who makes the product) or will sell the boards alone. The configuration I purchased was the MAPPER boards and TWO 8" SHUGART drives in a two drive enclosure. The enclosure allows for the mini drives to be placed on top of the 8 inch drives and makes for a surprisingly beautiful configuration. This system sells for $1800.00, but, to me, is worth far more in convenience. Connecting the drives is as simple as making the connections.

Now, we are ready to run the modified MODEL I TRS-80. On power up the screen displays: OMIKRON C= CP/M T= TRS80 —

Inserting the CP/M disk provided by OMIKRON in drive A, I depress the letter C and CP/M boot's up with the sign-on.


This indicates that a 48K version of CP/M is up and running and waiting for the next command.

The CP/M disk is delivered configured to your specified memory size and drive configuration. Additional memory size or drive configurations are optionally priced at $10.00 and CP/M version 2.0 is available for an additional $100.00. Mini drives are not required for this modification, a system of four 8 inch drives can be ordered. OMIKRON recommends that an immediate backup be made through the use of OMCOPY.COM. This is invoked by the command "OMCOPY ALL". The selection of "A" as source disk and "B" as destination disk sets up the screen to read: SOURCE ON A: DESTINATION ON B: PRESS 5 for 35 track, 0 for 40 track

I press 0 (I have MPI 40 track mini drives) and the copy process proceeds.

OMIKRON has provided several utilities to help the customer. These are:

1. SETUP.COM This allows for customer selection of the following options:

A. Permits a deleted character to be echoed to the screen instead of being removed. This is for certain word processors and programs that were written for CP/M which does not delete the character.

B. Incorporates automatic line feeds with carriage returns. This is, again, not in the regular CP/M version and is required by some software packages - especially machine language programs.

C. Provides for lower case screen printing on units that have this modification already installed. A reprint of an article in COMPUTRONICS and 80-U.S. JOURNAL provided ail the details for this modification (which cost less than $2.0.) and documentation for this modification is provided free from OMIKRON.

D. By enabling the lowercase, the graphic characters of the unit are also enabled and are used in the same manner as LEVEL II.

E. Allows for printers that do not have form feed control to utilize the form feed character in the same manner as DISK BASIC allows. This is by keeping an internal counter of lines used and sending out line feeds to equal the v^lue for the size page being used.

2. LFORiyilAT.COM This formats the 8" disk. All disks must be formatted prior to use in any program.

3. MFORMAT.COM This formats the 5 1/4" disk. All disks must be formatted prior to use in any program.

4. SERIAL.COM If the customer has installed the Radio Shack RS232 board, this program reads the switch setting of the board, prints the setting on the screen and sets all printer output to the RS232 board for serial printers. This utility allows for two types of printers to be in use, one for fast copy and one for letter quality. Pretty nice feature.

5. XDIR.COM This is the XDIR utility from the CP/M users library modified to read both size disks and show the number of sectors allocated to each program and shows the number of extensions a large file has in the directory. This prints a directory in three columns across the screen.

6. MEMTEST This is one of the most extensive memory tests I have ever used. The minimum time (unless a defective chip is discovered) is 15 minutes for each bank of 16K. In this time frame, MEMTEST will not only write patterns to the memory chips but will check the relationship and interaction of the memory locations next to each location. This program has found a chip that all other memory tests did not find (one that was not consistant in its misfunction but would ruin data and programs without me ever knowing why). This utility alone, can save someone some pulled hairs and frustration.

It should be mentioned that OMIKRON is NOT connected or part of another firm operating in Berkeley that claims to have a system such as OMIKRON'S. OMIKRON is manufacturer of its own design boards and has no connection with the other firm. In almost a year I have been told by the other firm that they are shipping their units, yet I cannot get the name or phone number of anyone or any dealer that has been able to run their system. Several dealers for the other firm that I spoke with have partial shipments but have not been able to run the system. The other firm requires that the order be paid in advance - prior to delivery. If I had done this when they were taking orders they would have been holding my money for nearly a FULL YEAR and I would not have the system running. California does have provisions in lawfor a refund if delivery is not effected within six weeks, but this would not have provided the system, and this is what I set out to obtain - not a refund. I find that I am not ready to do business with such a firm. OMIKRON accepted my order on a CO D. Basis, was less expensive, andfar more interested in me - the customer.

I now have my OMIKRON modified TRS-80 MODEL I working. Due to the data separator that is on MAPPER II and is used even in the TRSDOS mode, I have eliminated my disk I/O errors and have found the disk work much,

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