Computer Case

A set of attache style carrying cases for the TRS-80 computer has been introducted by Computer Case Co of Columbus, Ohio. The basic case will hold the keyboard computer, the expansion unit and a tape recorder or up to two disk drives in a fully operational configuration. By using the optional RF modulator any TV set can be used as a monitor, making it unnecessary to transport the monitor. Available from Computer Case Company, 5650 Indian Mound Court, Columbus, OH 43213. (614) 868-9464,


A whole new way to help pay for a personal stock quotation system using discounted stock brokerage commissions, has been announced by Max Ule & Co, Inc., the distributor for Maxi-Micro™ Tickertec™, the intelligent personal stock market tickerscreen™ without the 15 minute delay of competing systems. Tickertec is a real time stock monitoring system using stock exchange tickertape lines and is available for many microcomputer systems including the TRS-80. A free brochure describing the Tickertec System and Soft Dollar Software Program in detail may be obtained by calling Max Ule & Co., the distributor, toll free at (800) 223-6642, in NY (212) 687-0705

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