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John Marler, San Jose, CA

The time for all TRS-80 MODEL I owners (who teel rejected from Radio Shack's apparent overlooking our needs for more disk storage) to be in the Big Time with 8" disk drives has finally arrived! OMIKRON Systems of Berkeley, California has developed a modification system for the Model I that allows the use of normal CP/M. Nearly everyone knows about CP/M and that it is an (almost) universal operating system for Z80 and 8080 microprocessor systems. One of the/rey features of CP/M is the fact that it is "debugged" and is operating in many types and brands of computers throughout the world and the amount of software written for CP/M system operation would probably fill many catalogs. CP/M version 2.0 is fast becoming the most acceptable operating system for the MODEL II. Two newsletters that I subscribe to that are dedicated to the TRS-80 have published the "rumor" that Radio Shack will soon announce CP/M instead of TRSDOS for the MODEL II. The running of CP/M really protects the investment one can develop in software due to the upward compatibility of CP/M to other computers.

I purchased a system containing Mapper I and Mapper II with Two 8 inch Shugart disk drives which gives my Model I the same storage as the Model II with more than a $1,000.00 savings! I have also found that double disk operation is the only way to go in operation to permit backup and other utility without the hassle of inserting and removing disk (if you have ever made the mistake of inserting the source disk in when the disk write part of a backup is in progress and find you have erased your source disk then you will understand the need for two or more drives) I received delivery after only three weeks (they ask for six, but I got delivery in three). The Hardware

(that is one word most of us are afraid of - hardware) consists of the electronic boards called MAPPER I to utilize the Random Access Memory as low memory and not located above the ROM where any machine activity begins under normal TRS-80 operation. This permits the use of "normal" CP/M to be used and makes the world of "real" CP/M available for us Model I owners for the first time. MAPPER II consists of a board that, coupled with the disk controller chip, provides true data separation and eliminates the cause for most disk I/O errors - that of poorly separated data reading from the mini disk. MAPPER I also provides a way of using the graphics capability of the TRS-80 and adds cursor control in a manner similar to the Soroc 120 CRT Terminal which uses a very simple and easy to understand X,Y addressing of the cursor. No, there isn't a PRINT @ statement, but with X,Y addressing, we have the next best thing to it.

Installing the system is simplicity itself. I have the uncanny ability to blow lightbulbs when I change them -hardware is a jungle full of Greek that they call HEX and other traps that scare me when it comes to going inside the computer. The OMIKRON instructions are so easy to read and understand that I was able to install the system without (knock on wood) one problem. The first step is to open the Keyboard casing and locate the Z80 chip. The instructions carefully outline which chip this is. Removal of this chip is by simply pulling it out of its socket. MAPPER I's board is inserted into the now vacant socket and the Z80 is inserted into a similar socket on MAPPER I. Two "pinch" connectors then "wire" the board with surprisingly strong connection. This eliminates the need to solder anything!!! Pull a connector wire through the opening where the interface cable is connected, close the keyboard case and MAPPER I is ready.


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If you're looking for programs give us a call. We support all Radio Shack TRS-80 models, the Atari 400 & 800, and Apple computers, Or, visit our store while in washington.

Credit card callers may phone us 24-hours a day at (202) 337-4691.

These programs, unless otherwise indicated, are for the 16k, Level II TRS-80.

Galactic Trilogy by Douglas Carlston ^^

This trilogy is one of "the hottest new games of the Eighties" says Softside. "Galactic Empire" is a sophisticated game of strategy and tactics of trying to unify the three dimensional universe. As in all the games, the universe is randomly created for a new challenge each time you take control of the Galactica.

After peace is declared, "Galactic Trader" starts. Now as on outcast you barter Microbes, Feelies and other commodities to gain riches and power. But, watch out for assassins and the energy cartel.

"Galactic Revolution" is a game of tactics, diplomacy, social manipulation, and Machiavellian ruthlessness. Unlike the other two in the series, you can play with more than one player and there are sound effects.

Start with any of the Galactic Trilogy today for $14.95 each.

from Automated Simulations This first in the DunjonQuestCtm) series, lets you take your hero into a magical and mythical labyrinth of over 200 rooms which is populated by over 30 kinds of fearsome monsters who guard over 70 varied treasures. Some of the treasures are magical, and can help you in exploring the underground complex, but look out for monsters and traps that spring at you from the walls and shadows of the rooms and passages you traverse. The Book of Lore fills in the background and describes the appearance of the temple as you go. You combat monsters, move, and grab treasure in real-time. Bring in characters from other fantasy role playing games, or let the innkeeper find thee a hardy fellow. Test your mettle against the servants of evill For DSD players, serious gamers. $24.95 with Book of Lore. On disk, $29.95 -"Temple of Apshai"

Also available are "Datestones of Ryn," the microquest which is the introduction to the Dunjonquest series and "Morloc's Tower," the deadliest of the series. $14.95 on tape, $19.95 on disk, each.

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