Basic Compiler

Microsoft Consumer Products announces BASIC Compiler for the TRS-80, a powerful tool for BASIC programming that increases program execution an average of 3-10 times. Microsoft BASIC Compiler compiles programs written with the TRS-80 Disk BASIC interpreter, producing Z-80 machine code that is directly executed by the TRS-80. Extensive optimizations performed during compilation maximize the speed of the resulting object code. Speeds up to 30 times faster than the speed of interpreted programs can be obtained if extensive use of integer operations is made. In addition to adding speed, the compiler also has new programming features to make writing BASIC programs easier and more efficient. These include double precision trigonometric functions; full PRINT USING for formatted output-extensive disk file capability; WHILE/WEND conditionals; variable names up to 40 characters; and a CALL statement to assembly language or FORTRAN subroutines. BASIC Compiler is available from Microsoft Consumer Products retail dealers. For the name of the nearest dealer, contact Microsoft Consumer Products, 10800 Northeast Eighth, Suite 507, Bellevue, WA 98004, Telephone (206) 454-1315.

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