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This program is not the end all for systems development. It was designed for a specific task; namely that of solving what is now the most common problem - developing and testing small routines quickly.

Although the program does have the capability to do multiple source file concatenation, it does not have the capability to assemble from a subroutine library, or handle MACRO'S either internally or from a MACRO library.

The Galactic package was designed for a specific programmer audience and it meets that need admirably. It can produce code at Warp Seven, and never blink an eye. It can make testing far simpler and more enjoyable (was tearing hair ever enjoyable?). But it is not for massive projects.

Still another problem for the amateur programmer is that the system, set up as it is with RSM, will be difficult for a rank beginner to use. Unlike Microsoft's recent entry in the Model I assembler race, the Galactic package requires a separate debugger and some care from the programmer to get to the right place at the right time.

Admittedly, anyone playing with assembly language really ought to learn these things, and it's the programmer's fault if he cannot. However, people who are starting with a Model II as their first system and just starting to learn assembly language will have a difficult time until they are familiar with the concepts involved.

But all of that is nit-picking! The package is right now the best I have seen for the Model II. I found the editor easy to work with since it uses exactly the same editing commands as BASIC. There is a policy at Galactic that ALL computer responses to the user are in reverse video. This goes for error messages as well. Any error in an assembly stands out on the screen, making it just a little easier to use.


In the final analysis, the utility of any program depends on the sophistication of the user as well as his need. For many Model II owners, an Editor-Assembler is an unnecessary luxury. The average businessman dosen't need it and probably hasn't the time to learn to use it

By the same token, the average programmer dosen't need it because he has no programs which really must have assembly language routines to make them work. If he hopes to become more than a hobbyist though, or if he just wants to learn to expand his horizons, then such a package will be a good investment.

Anyone who is programming the Model II professionally ought to have this package. A professional makes money with the best programs in his area of specialization. More often than not, the best programs are characterized by the adept use of small machine language routines in critical areas.

To date, I have seen no better assembler than the Galactic Software Editor-Assembler for the Model II. It gets my vote.

The Galactic Editor-Assember is available now, from: Acorn Software Products Inc. 634 North Carolina Ave SE. Washington, DC 20003, or from: Galactic Software Ltd, 11520 North Port Washington Road. Mequon, Wl 53092, or from: 80-US Software, 3838 South Warner St. Tacoma, WA 98409. The price is $229.00. •

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