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DECEMBER Santa Paravia. Mortgage Calculation, Six Million Dollar (/10K) Clock. Spelling Bee Biorhythms

JANUARY 'Round the Horn, Kiddy Slot. Writing Good Computer Games-Part I, Ten Pin Bowling, High Speed Graphics. Comput-A-Sketch

FEBRUARY Form 1040, Writing Good Computer Games-Part II. Concentration. Elements Quiz,

12 Issues - $15.00 Softside Subacriptions Box 66 Mlllord. NH 03055 603-673-5144

Crlbbage Update


A comprehensive package ol business soft ware for 32K dual disk (and larger) systems. Subscribers receive six Interactive modules: Inventory Control. Accounts Receivable/Payable. Payroll, Goneral Ledger, Mail List, and Text Processor. Modules have been sold individually for as much as $150.00. Subscribe and receive all six. fully documented, on diskette for $200.00. „ _ .

Sound good? It isll publication

Dedicated lo the serious programmer, from enthusiastic hobbyist lo professional

PREMIER EDITION FEATURES Inkey Routines by Lance Micklus Simple SIMON •monitor/disassembler written in BASIC Variables In Lovel ll-now to determine which variables have been used

Subscriptions 4 issues $10.00 PO Box 68 Milford, NH 03055

NOVEMBER End Zone, Troll's Gold, Shopping Lisi, Level I to Level II. Octal to Hex Conversion


M Schmidt

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