New Subscription Rates

Effective with our next issue (Sep-Oct 79). new rates will be In effect for Canadian and foreign subscribers. We have been "nice guys" for the past year, but the post office isn't having any of It. so we simply have to pass the cost along - sorry. US RATES WILL REMAIN UNCHANGED But. you now have the option of a 2 or 3 year hitch with 80-U.S. We didn't offer them before, out since it looks like we are here to slay, - why not? Hore are the new rates US $16 $31.$45 for one, two and three years% Canadian $20, $39, $55 for one. two ana three years Vi all other $24. $47, $68 lor one, two and three years The "all other' are all sent airmail Canadian are sent first class. Alaska Hawaii and US possessions with zip codes may request first class mill and remit payment at the Canadian rate


If the three letter code at the upper right of your mailing label says 'PB9" il means that the Sep-Oct 79 Issue will be the last of your subscription W© will be sending one renewal notice (we can't afford to keep bugging you about it like the biggies do). Why not take care ol It now, while you're thinking about it, we nave some very exciting material planned which you won't want to mlssj

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